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What Surgeries Can Be Done to Make Indented Discolored Skin Graft Scar on Nose Look More Normal? (photo)

Being a pre- mature baby I was born with hemangioma, when I was one a doctor cut the "blood clot" from my nose and did a skin graft, took some skin... READ MORE

I Am Looking to Get Huge Keloid(s) Removed As Well As a Skin Graft, How Much $?

Live in phila. 24 yrs of age. Have had keloid(s) exspand across my entire beard area. I experience pain and drainage on a daily basis. I NEED to have... READ MORE

Skin Grafts for Scars in Visible Area?

Is there a surgical procedure to get rid of fine, thin scars on arms? Would laser or skin grafting work? It's very noticeable since I'm tan and the... READ MORE

Would I Be Able to Get Some Sort of Laser Scar Removal Done with This Type of Scar? (photo)

I had a birthmark removed about 15 years ago. I had a skin graft. I think its a hypertrophic scar but I'm not sure. I'm looking to even out the color... READ MORE

I Have Very Red Skin Grafts on my Face from 18 Years Ago? (photo)

I am wondering if there is a way to reduce the redness Or even just the best kind of surgery I could get for them. In the meantime is there anything... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of my Full Arm Keloids from a Medical Malpractice? (photo)

HiI was hit by a jeepney in our province in the Philippines when i was 3years old my left arm was really damaged. I've undergo an Operation called... READ MORE

I Had a Skin Graft Procedure Done in 2002 and the Scar is Big and Ugly. Can This Be Fixed? (photo)

I'm embarrassed to wear shorts in case it is seen. I have never worn a bathing suit without a corner-up. I just really want to feel better about myself. READ MORE

Can a Skin Graft Be Removed?

I have a skin graft on my lower back and 1/2 of my buttocks that measures 30 by 40 cm. it is a very old scar I got at the age of 6 I am now 25. I've... READ MORE

What can be done about skin graft scars?

A skin graft from my ear was done when I was a young child and it went terribly wrong. The left side of my nose is all scar tissue now. Is there... READ MORE

What is the best procedure to remove my leg scar? Scar removal surgery, skin graft, etc? (Photo)

I have a bad scar on my leg from a biking accident when I was a child.What would be the cost of the procedure to remove this scar and will my health... READ MORE

What can I do to make my skin as close to before (scars)? (photos)

Hi had a accident few years back which resulted in to having skin grafting done the attached pictures are at its current stage but what can i do to... READ MORE

Is dermal grafting cutting around the old scar and suturing it back together over top of the scar? (photos)

He told me at the consultation he didn't want to take a scar and leave a scar, and said he would do a dermal grafting. It took him about an hour to do... READ MORE

How can I remove or improve graft scars?

Im a 23 years old girl. 43% of my body (hands,feet, legs) were burned with fire 5 years ago, i had graft surgery for 3 degree parts which look so ugly... READ MORE

Effective Scar Removal Treatments for Skin Grafting Scars?

I was accidentally burnt when i was 9 years old, and I had to undergo skin grafting, which left scars. Now, I want to remove these scars permanently.... READ MORE

Should I Use Scarprin Gel on Burns and Scars from Grafts?

Two sites recommend scarprin gel; should I add this under my compression garments? i have 3rd degree burn scars from grafts on 1/3 of my body. another... READ MORE

Can my Scars on my Abdomen Be Removed?

The question I have is. Can my scars be removed using skin flaps from the good skin from my lower stomach, chest and sides? I was thinking along the... READ MORE

Can I Get Rid of Scar Caused by Grafted Skin Surgery After a Very Long Period of Time? (photo)

When I was 3 year old I face severe car accident and because of that my whole stomach got 3rd degree burn therefore , i got grafting of skin & now... READ MORE

What can I do with these scars? (Photos)

Before co2, my face was not very smooth with very shallow scars. After 3 sessions eco2. i had a long deep line very prominent appeared. The doctor who... READ MORE

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