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Silicone Sheets for Raised Red Scar from BCG Injection?

Hi, I am a 36-year-old Asian male who had BCG injection when I was a child. The injection left me with a raised red scar that stretches about 3 inches... READ MORE

Safe to Try New Scar Reduction Gel?

I have a slightly hypertrophic body scars and I would like to reduce them. I found this scar reduction gel named Kitoscell. It's based on an... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of my Lip Scar? (photo)

I fell and hurt my lip really badly when I was younger, didnt go to the hospital rightaway expecting it to heal on its own. Few months later, the doc... READ MORE

I have 5 stitch marks on left side of my face, now my age is 26. I got this stitch in 1997, almost covered 17 years (Photo)

What can be the best way to remove stitch marks completely ? Should I go for laser treatment /Surgery or I should try cosmetics? could you please... READ MORE

Silicone gel for pregnant women?

I'm black16 weeks pregnant,I've 4 months old scar in my upper eyelid with no improvement.I've been advised by a doctor here to use silicon gel... READ MORE

Best treatment for facial scar removal? (photo)

I was cut on my forehead with a knife, I received 2 stitches which I believe were not done properly. It's been about a month now and it's apparent... READ MORE

What type of treatment should I seek to reduce the appearance of this facial scar? (photos)

I had a fall which resulted in a facial laceration on my forehead about five weeks ago. No stitches because I just used butterflies and healing... READ MORE

Hypertrophic scars will not go away? (Photo)

I have had steriod injections, tried silicone gels and it's still here, will apple cider vinegar and massage therapy help? If not what will..? The... READ MORE

I have a bad scar with stitches mark beside my eye. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have applied lasonil gel ( Heparinoid gel ) but the scar is still very very bad and scary. Please help me READ MORE

Does silicone gel works well on chickenpox scars?

I am 19 year old girl, and i got chickenpox a month ago. It left some scars and also small pits. I started using silicone gel suggested by a... READ MORE

Any suggestions for my old scar on my lip? (photos)

I have the following scar on my lip after a surgery, can I remove it by get like ScarEx gel ?. READ MORE

I want to ask you which cream/gel should I use for my scar? (photos)

Before 7 month i have a road accident very badly i have many injuries in my body Before 3 month i make plastic surgery on my hand already i used the... READ MORE

Should I Use Scarprin Gel on Burns and Scars from Grafts?

Two sites recommend scarprin gel; should I add this under my compression garments? i have 3rd degree burn scars from grafts on 1/3 of my body. another... READ MORE

I have a son who is 2 and half year old & recently he fall down and had a cut on his face below side of eye. Any suggestion? (ph

My concern is that I am using contractubex gel for removing this scar will it help as I had stitches on it but I haven't seen any result out of it plz... READ MORE

How can I remve scar from my cheeks and fill them becouse of Aquamid gel infection? (photos)

Hi. 13 years ago I injected aqua mid gel into my cheeks, and three years ago my cheeks got infected from it. A surgeon drained it for me, but i havent... READ MORE

This scar is only a few months old. I got it to the doctors too late for stitches. What treatment should I seek?

Mostly red with a bit of depigmentation(?) Seems pretty smooth Darker edges Its a selfharm scar About 20cm down from my shoulder I am looking for an... READ MORE

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