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Silicone Sheets for Raised Red Scar from BCG Injection?

Hi, I am a 36-year-old Asian male who had BCG injection when I was a child. The injection left me with a raised red scar that stretches about 3 inches... READ MORE

Safe to Try New Scar Reduction Gel?

I have a slightly hypertrophic body scars and I would like to reduce them. I found this scar reduction gel named Kitoscell. It's based on an... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of my Lip Scar? (photo)

I fell and hurt my lip really badly when I was younger, didnt go to the hospital rightaway expecting it to heal on its own. Few months later, the doc... READ MORE

I have 5 stitch marks on left side of my face, now my age is 26. I got this stitch in 1997, almost covered 17 years (Photo)

What can be the best way to remove stitch marks completely ? Should I go for laser treatment /Surgery or I should try cosmetics? could you please... READ MORE

Silicone gel for pregnant women?

I'm black16 weeks pregnant,I've 4 months old scar in my upper eyelid with no improvement.I've been advised by a doctor here to use silicon gel... READ MORE

Best treatment for facial scar removal? (photo)

I was cut on my forehead with a knife, I received 2 stitches which I believe were not done properly. It's been about a month now and it's apparent... READ MORE

Hypertrophic scars will not go away? (Photo)

I have had steriod injections, tried silicone gels and it's still here, will apple cider vinegar and massage therapy help? If not what will..? The... READ MORE

What type of treatment should I seek to reduce the appearance of this facial scar? (photos)

I had a fall which resulted in a facial laceration on my forehead about five weeks ago. No stitches because I just used butterflies and healing... READ MORE

I have a bad scar with stitches mark beside my eye. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have applied lasonil gel ( Heparinoid gel ) but the scar is still very very bad and scary. Please help me READ MORE

Does silicone gel works well on chickenpox scars?

I am 19 year old girl, and i got chickenpox a month ago. It left some scars and also small pits. I started using silicone gel suggested by a... READ MORE

What are my options to lighten this scar? (Photo)

I have a z plasty scar on my neck as a result of an operation to remove another scar. The scar is red.I already have had steroid injections and use a... READ MORE

Any suggestions for my old scar on my lip? (photos)

I have the following scar on my lip after a surgery, can I remove it by get like ScarEx gel ?. READ MORE

I want to ask you which cream/gel should I use for my scar? (photos)

Before 7 month i have a road accident very badly i have many injuries in my body Before 3 month i make plastic surgery on my hand already i used the... READ MORE

Should I Use Scarprin Gel on Burns and Scars from Grafts?

Two sites recommend scarprin gel; should I add this under my compression garments? i have 3rd degree burn scars from grafts on 1/3 of my body. another... READ MORE

I have a son who is 2 and half year old & recently he fall down and had a cut on his face below side of eye. Any suggestion? (ph

My concern is that I am using contractubex gel for removing this scar will it help as I had stitches on it but I haven't seen any result out of it plz... READ MORE

How can I remve scar from my cheeks and fill them becouse of Aquamid gel infection? (photos)

Hi. 13 years ago I injected aqua mid gel into my cheeks, and three years ago my cheeks got infected from it. A surgeon drained it for me, but i havent... READ MORE

This scar is only a few months old. I got it to the doctors too late for stitches. What treatment should I seek?

Mostly red with a bit of depigmentation(?) Seems pretty smooth Darker edges Its a selfharm scar About 20cm down from my shoulder I am looking for an... READ MORE

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