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Does Contractubex Gel Work for Scars?

I had an accident 1 month ago and i had to go to hospital for 20 stiches on my forehead. now i rub contractubex twice a day -- will that remove my scar? READ MORE

How to Prevent Scarring from Wound on a Baby?

My little girl fell against the edge of a cupboard at a nursery causing a large hematoma about 1cm on her forehead with a shallow vertical cut in from... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Old Acne Scars on my Forehead?

Hi, I am wondering what I need to do to get rid of old acne scars on my forehead. They are flat and white. I also have some pigmentation. Thanks! READ MORE

Bump on Forehead. How Can I Get It Removed Without a Scar?

Ten years ago, I recieved an injury to my forehead, which resulted in a bump forming in the middle of it. This left me with a huge, but painless... READ MORE

Vertical Scar on Forehead, What Should I Do? (photo)

So about two years ago I fell and got a nasty scar in the middle of my forehead and it runs vertical. I've gotten a few laser treatments but i feel... READ MORE

How to remove garlic burn marks from the face?

I had applied garlic on my forehead to remove mole.. but it burnt my after a month the marks of burn are left on skin ..please tell me how... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of This Forehead Scar?

Can anybody give me some answers on how to get rid of this forehead scar? it causes me a lot of stress and I've had it for over a year now it was... READ MORE

How to Remove Bump and a Scar On my Forehead? (photo)

I have this bump and scar from 10 years and till now its there on my forehead the scar is from stiches and the bump/lump i got by falling on ground... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Depressed Facial Scar?

I've been using Tretenoin but seems doesn't work. I think it had worsen the scar. It has an active ingredient for producing more collagen on the skin.... READ MORE

How to Remove Curling Iron Burn Scar on Forehead?

About 7 months ago, I had burned myself with a curling iron in the middle of my forehead. i hate the scar so much, i would like to get it removed. Are... READ MORE

I Have a Chicken Pox Scar on the Middle of my Forehead, It is Deep (Basically a Dent)? (photo)

I have several chicken pox scars but the one on the middle of my forehead really bothers me as people always make remarks about it and i feel very... READ MORE

5 Year Old Child and Scar Revision on Forehead - Now or Later? (photo)

My 5yo tripped and fell into a corner 8 months ago, splitting her forehead fairly deeply. We took her to the ER and she received 12 stitches. The... READ MORE

Steroid Injections for Hard Lump Scar on the Forehead?

A year ago (July 2008), my head was lacerated while wakeboarding. It left a 2 cm scar on my forehead above my right eye. Since it has healed and... READ MORE

Scar Revision: Deep Indented Forehead Trauma Scar - Fraxel or W/Z Plasty or Combo?

My fiancee's trauma scar on her forehead is indented and looks like she got hit with a hatchet. What scar revision methods would have the best... READ MORE

Suggest me how do i remove 20 years old stitch marks from my forehead? (photo)

These Marks are 20 years old and i am 27 now. 1st mark is from a brick which fell on me and the second one happened when i fell on stairs. Now these... READ MORE

Solution/Cure for a Scar I've Had for 15 Years?

When I was younger, I feel down the stairs and my head hit a sharp metal object at the end of the stairs. Had to be rushed to the hospital. They had... READ MORE

I burned my forehead with a curling iron and the burnt skin peeled off, revealing a almost white complexion. What do I do?

I was curling my hair and I burnt my forehead badly. Unfornenetly I didn't think it was as bad as it was so I just continued curling and it started to... READ MORE

How to Best Get Rid of Scar on the Forehead?

When I was 10 years old, I fell and bumped my head on a concrete wall. READ MORE

Bleaching or Other Products to Heal Scar on Forehead?

I was punched in the top of my head. It was just above the eyebrow. I had to get eight stiches. That was about two months ago. It left a reddish pink... READ MORE

What Will Make my Old Scars Go Away? (photo)

So i had been in a car accident when i was three years old now im 21 since then had no treatment what so ever had stitches, please tell me how to get... READ MORE

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