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Scar Tissue Removal After Tendon Repair to Index Finger

Scar tissue formed and prevented bending of the finger, so I had scar tissue removed from the knuckle and bottom of finger 4 months later. A year... READ MORE

I just cut my right index finger with an angle grinder (cutting wheel)? (photo)

The cut is about an inch long between on the inside of my first knuckle. the cut is about 5mm wide and 5 mm deep. no injury to tendon or bone. my... READ MORE

Laser on Finger? (photo)

Is it safe to use a laser on a slightly raised hypertrophic scar on my left thumb? Would a fat flap from my abdomen be effective? Any advice would be... READ MORE

Scar on Finger and Lasers?

Can a laser be used to remove a scar on the finger? How deep can a laser penetrate a scar below on the finger below the surface. I read that some... READ MORE

Fat Graft to Finger? (photo)

Hi, I lost some finger pulp to a table saw accident. My hand plastic surgeon has suggested a fat flap graft taken from the abdomen to repair the... READ MORE

How to remove scar tissue from previous wart removal? (Photo)

So recently I decided to try a home remedy wart solution. It was a bandaid with a circle that had medication to "kill" the wart. The problem is that... READ MORE

Scar tissue formed on knuckle after healing from a lasteration to the tendon in the index finger. (Photo)

A few years ago glass cut into the tendon of my finger. It made an upside down "U" shape slice and after the healing process was done, I attended... READ MORE

What would be the best treatment option for this hypertrophic scar on my finger? (Photo)

I have this hypertrophic scar that is red and shiny on my finger, and I am hoping to make it less visible. I am not sure, however, what options are... READ MORE

How do you treat scar tissue in a fingertip?

I was holding a board while my husband was using a nail gun to attach a trim board to the side of our fireplace. Nail went thru both boards and... READ MORE

My finger has burnt because of steam. I want to remove the dark scar on my finger (Photo)

There's a cambium And I'm not going to remove it. what can I do to remove that dark patches?doctor please help me? READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Old Cigarette Burn on my Finger?

I have a 3 to 4 year old cigarette burn on my right middle finger that is very deep. I have peel it a few times trying to get rid of it and my doctor... READ MORE

Can I Break Scar Tissue Around Finger Joint After an Old Sprain?

Last year I twisted my middle finger.It got swollen but I could move it with relatively little pain.The swelling persisted so a month later I had it... READ MORE

Is it possible to have my scar removed, or will it eventually fade/diminish in appearance? (photo)

I was cut with a box cutter on 6-18-13. It was stitched with my hand somewhat swollen about 2 hours after injury. I am left with a raised rounded... READ MORE

How can I remove this scar? (Photo)

Hot glue fell on my finger and I was panicking really bad so I decided to peel the glue off while it was still off so obviously my skin came off too.... READ MORE

Can skin on finger (dermal ridges) stretch after wearing a coban wran with anti-inflam cream around the PIP joint for 1month?

Last year I had a mild sprain(middle finger).In time healed pretty ok(did not splint it at the time,by the time I got to the dr it was a month old).I... READ MORE

I got a burn on my middle finger when I was 10 months old, I'm now 15. It is a 3rd degree burn. Any suggestion?

I was sick when I was young and so my mom put a vaporizer that was very hot in my room, my hand suctioned to it and for 14 years I've had this 3rd... READ MORE

How to clear finger nail scratches on face? (photos)

Is there any solution to clear scratches which was caused by finger nail on faces during Childhood. Now i'am 23 old, day by day intensity of scratches... READ MORE

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