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How can I get rid of chicken pox atrophic scars?

I have two chicken pox scars in the middle of my forehead that are over 15 years old. I've tried injections of a temporary filler but only a small... READ MORE

Options for Removal of Nose Surgery Scars

I have done a rhinoplasty to my nose 4Y ago and the result was perfect. After 10M an infection surfaced and i had two bumps in my nose. After two... READ MORE

What can be done to my nose and why did this happen? (photos)

3 yrs back , I noticed a pimple sort of at the tip of nose .I neglected and in few days it developed into black crust and in 2 weeks , the crust came... READ MORE

Can Hyaluronic Acid Treatment Help Me with my Chickenpox Scars (They're Not Very Deep)? (photo)

I had chickenpox somewhere around 6 months now and it has left me with some minor scars on my face. They look like on this picture, yet not that deep.... READ MORE

Do You Recommend Fillers to Smooth out an Old Burn Scar?

I have been advised to use fillers to smooth out an old burn scar and a kind of 'dip' in the skin around the eye area. Do you see this as being... READ MORE

Subcision and Sculptra on Non-scarred Tissue?

I have rolling and ice pick scars on the face. My doctor recommends subcision and Sculptra on the whole face rather than spot-treat each scar. What... READ MORE

Can an abdominal scar from laparoscopy surgery be removed either by fillers of lasers?

I had my gall bladder removed several years ago by laparoscopy surgery, and wanted to know if either fillers or lasers could help lessen the... READ MORE

Atrophic Cheek Scar: Laser Peel + Profractional or HA Filler? (Photo)

On my right cheek I have a very small ice pick acne scar (which I may have excised) and a 5mm atrophic scar from a lesion removal that I HATE. Not a... READ MORE

Best solution for mature sunken line scar on face? (Photo)

I had a mole removed on the side of my face 8 years ago leaving a smaller line scar. As the years have gone on, the scar has sunken a bit. Would love... READ MORE

26 years old with poor skin texture/scarring. Would Botox, fillers, etc. help enhance radiant, smoother looking skin? (Photo)

I have had issues for years with obsessively pick my face. In the last couple of years I have notices permanent scarring start to take place. I'm only... READ MORE

Would RA Filler Help my Scar? (photo)

I have a depressed scar, that casts a shadow in certain lights. It never really used to bother me but now it kind of does. As you can see in the last... READ MORE

Why after all these years there's still no good way to get rid of deeper ice pick scars?

I am now 48, when i was 22 i seen a plastic surgeon about some ice pick scars. We first tried injecting filler but it lasted less than 2 days. Then he... READ MORE

Scar revision or skin colored tattoo? I have a Brow lift scar for 15 years old. (photos)

I just want to know if this 1 1/2 inch to 2 inch scar would be better handled by a skin colored tattoo or a scar revision? I have been afraid of windy... READ MORE

Shall I go for excision, fat injection or filler treatment for this facial scar? (Photos)

I got this scar from an acne. It caused a deep scar. I am looking for permanent solution. READ MORE

What is my best course of treatment? (Photo)

These are old scars. I am 25 years old. I have had Fraxel Restore done once and I'm thinking about several more sessions. I have done subcision once... READ MORE

Would there be a problem getting carboxytherapy administered on a scar that has previously been treated with a dermal filler?

A few months ago I got a tethered hypertrophic scar on my stomach treated with one round of micro subcision and a dermal filler. This first treatment... READ MORE

Can a filler help an indented scar on nose after a scar revision? (photo)

Just had a scar revision done a month and a half ago and the scars look much worse. Scar on my nose is very indented and so much more noticeable. Can... READ MORE

Will a filler smoothen out my indented chicken pox scar? (photos)

Since the age of nine, I have had an ugly indentation on my cheek - near my nasolaboal line - caused by chicken pox. I am 28 today and eager to make... READ MORE

What is the best scar revision method for my scar? (Photos)

I had a car accident 5 years ago my cheek was hurt they stitched it the scar is long and deep it is not to red now it's white i took those pictures... READ MORE

Filler or fat grafting or laser for surgery scar? (photos)

Im 24 yrs.and had undergone a scar revision last year and after that had gone through 4 laser i notice white pigmented skin developing... READ MORE

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