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How to Remove Facial Scars from an Accident?

I had an accident in 2006. I got 11 stich marks on my face and lost some skin near the eye area. That portion is very black and still, there is no... READ MORE

Is Silicone Gel Safe to Use Near the Eyes?

I have a scar at the corner of my eye, between my upper and lower eyelid, that is slightly raised. I was told that laser treatment for scar removal... READ MORE

Do You Recommend Fillers to Smooth out an Old Burn Scar?

I have been advised to use fillers to smooth out an old burn scar and a kind of 'dip' in the skin around the eye area. Do you see this as being... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Scars Near the Eye?

Hello there! i had electrolysis treatment 10 months ago, and I'm left with tiny atrophic scars (very shallow), i've seen dermatologist for laser... READ MORE

What Can Help a Droopy Eye Caused by a Traumatic Scar Under the Eye Pulling It Down?

My girlfriend was in a car accident and now has a scar from her forehead to her mouth. She has had some plastic surgery, but the doctors told her to... READ MORE

How to remove an old stitches scar of my left eye? (photos)

Hello I have got my left eye wounded when I was very kid probably 7 or 8. I am 22 now. Doctor stitched the wound which left a scar near my eye. I am... READ MORE

Subcision Possible on Scar by Eye?

I have a scar in between my eye and my temple. It is about one inch away from my eye. Would this scar be able to be treated with subcision? Thanks in... READ MORE

Laser Scar Removal Close to Eyes. Risk of Damage?

Hi, I went for laser scar removal to a spa. She isn't a doctor. I have gotten those before from the same person. This time I had a acne scar between... READ MORE

Deep scar by my eye, what is the best treatment? (photo)

12 year ago i got this scar from playing with a stick and skin tissue was lost. the scar is between my right eye and nose, it's deep so it's not just... READ MORE

Steroid shot for my raised scar near an eye? (photos)

I got this scar in 2011, and got 2ablative fraxel lasers and 1 non ablative fraxel laser in this year. It look better but there is a still raised hard... READ MORE

What should I do to improve this scar? (Photo)

Hello, What should I do to improve this scar. I know it won't go full. How it can be improved . I am more concerned with the scar close to my eye.... READ MORE

What do you recommend to improve this scar? (Photo)

Hi, I had a scar revision last year in June then dermabrasion in July. My doctor did a pretty good job. The only think concerns me is the area near my... READ MORE

Would Fraxel or Any Other Laser Be Helpful to Reduce Mild Burn Scar Under Eye?

I have a mild burn scar from boiled water under the eye with a very slight change in pigmentation and indentation going up to just under the eyelash.... READ MORE

What would be the best treatment for a large atrophic scar around eyebrow? (photo)

I had a very bad case of the shingles around my eye. Luckily my vision has not been affected but I had a blisters form around a liquid burn I just got... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove pit scar near eye? (Photo)

Hi when I was a kid I had an accident and got a scar, it's a pit scar near my eye, is it possible to fill the scar in or something? You can see it... READ MORE

Scarring on White of the Eye?

Four months ago I had a brown spot removed from the white of the eye. My eye now has a red line in it where the excision was made, with blood vessels... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove Old Facial Scar?

I have a scar in my face, just below my right eye. It looks like a cross, I hate it ! I am 30 years old and I felt all my life ashamed because of it... READ MORE

Scar Treatment Product That is Safe to Use Near the Eye?

I have a depressed scar extending from the outer corner of my eye after a blepharoplasty. Scar revision surgery did not help (the skin was pulled too... READ MORE

I have syringoma and a reddish brown scar dud to over usage of ice, how can these be removed? (photos)

I have syringoma around my eyes. A doctor suggested that I should put ice directly on the affected areas. I did it last night and woke up in the... READ MORE

I got 8 stitches 10 years ago due to an accident. What's the best way to remove the scar left behind?

There are 2 scars one near my left eye and the other just below the above..what treatment would you refer and also time of recovery and if you suggest... READ MORE

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