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Removing Scar Tissue Under the Eyebrow Skin

I had a car accident a long time ago. I was cut on the eyebrow; the scar tissue under the skin raises my eyelid out of symmetry. Is there cosmetic... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Bulging Scar on my Eyelid?

I have a scar on my left eyelid as a result from a bad cut. This happened many years ago. The scarring started off looking alright but since then it... READ MORE

How to Fix Scarring After Blepharoplasty Stitches Split?

My stitches split after Blepharoplasty and left a scar, what should I do? I had surgery about 3 months ago and the stitches have split leaving a scar.... READ MORE

Kindly help me to remove my facial scar (Photo)

I had multiples milia over my cheeks and around the eyelids, i approached a dermatologist, he advised &electrocauterization, now it has been one and... READ MORE

How can I prevent an indented scar from forming on my eyelid from a deep gash by a cat gouge? (photo)

The scratch occurred two days ago at 7am. My mother help my eyelid together so it would coagulate. I woke up 5 hours later and for 2-4 hours I put... READ MORE

How Can I Fix The Deep Scars Under My Eyelids? I Have Dark Skin And Worry About Hyperpigmentation.

I have dark skin.i also have deep scars under my eyelid from an accident. what should i do? i worry about laser with my dark skin, (hyperpigmintaion).... READ MORE

Eyelid skin torn due to an accident and left a stitched scar on both sides of the eyelid. (photo)

I met with an accident at the age of 14 years. Now I'm 32. Eyelid skin torn and it was stitched which left scar on both sides of the eyelid. I would... READ MORE

My doctor uses mosiac laser on an eyelid scar then subcision. Does these two go together? (photo)

I have eyelid scars due to a botched surgery. But I am fixing it with another doctor. She uses mosiac laser on it then subcision. Been visiting her... READ MORE

What options do I have for scarring that is interferring with my lower eye lid? (Photo)

I had an accident on 2/9 with significant facial trauma. It is healing well, but I have scar tissue pulling down on the lower eye lid. I have... READ MORE

I was burnt by a pan of hot boiling grease on my face and different parts on my body, What options are there? (photo)

This happened when I was 6 and I am now 22. I was in the hospital for a month and thankful I healed we'll enough to not need skin graphs. My scars... READ MORE

I have a scar that is affecting my vision and is making my eyes look uneven, what would be my best course of action? (photo)

I took a hockey stick to the eye, I didn't go to the hospital because it did not seem like it needed stitches at first but the scar healed terribly, READ MORE

Do you have any suggestions to minimize the thickness & red color of my scar after blepharoplasty? My doc used prolene (Photo)

I want to know if this sutures was good for this area, The scar is thick and red in color, I massage this area daily and I just would like to know if... READ MORE

How can I get rid of a scar?

Hi Docter or person! I have a 10 year old daughter with a scar on her right eyelid. It goes into her skin a little and she got it when her older... READ MORE

What is the best way to get rid of an indented scar on the eyelid? (Photo)

I got my stye excised in has left my eye with an indented scar.please tell me if its possible to treat it non surgically, if not what is the... READ MORE

How to get rid of thick scars on eyes?

Can mederma be used one year after blepharoplasty surgery? READ MORE

Is this a cosmetic issue? (photos)

I have a keloid on my eyelid from a car accident I was in. They did not clean it properly or gave me stitches so now there is visible specks of dirt... READ MORE

Eyelid burn scarring red, patchy, shiny after 1 month. What's the best quick fix to return to normal? (Photo)

Doctors --- 1 month ago, my area under the eyebrow, above the eye, was burned after a brow hot wax from a salon. Turned brown, scabbed and now pink.... READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce the appearance of old scar tissue around eyelids? (Photo)

My left eye has been problematic in the past and due to many problems I have faced I have been left with many scars around my eye. On my bottom eyelid... READ MORE

I have a raised scar on my eyelid. What methods can I use to completely remove it? (Photo)

I got stitches for an accident on my eye three years ago. It is now raised and recently started to droop causing my normal hooded monolid to turn into... READ MORE

Scar on eyelid. Should I do it? Does it have any risk? (photo)

I had an accident 20 years ago and my right eye have scar on upper eyelid and lower due to the stitches (maybe). Is it easy to get it fixed with a... READ MORE

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