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Can Anyone Vouch for a Product Called SCARprin?

I've tried using scar reduction creams before for my keloid scars, with little results. However this product, SCARprin, is formatted with 100%... READ MORE

What is the cheapest and most effective way to remove leg scars that resulted from picking ingrown hairs? (photos)

The problem started when i noticed that i had lots of ingrown hair in my legs after doing ineffective shaving and plucking. Out of panic, i picked the... READ MORE

Surgical Scar on Arm - Most Effective Procedure and Cost?

I had microsurgery and had my tendons fixed after an basketball injury involving a garage window 5 years ago. There is a scar on my arm from the... READ MORE

Is shark oil really effective for the removal of old scars ? (photos)

I have these old scars. The biggest one is in my knee, as seen in the picture, I've got these on a motorcyle. Although it isn't that visible on the... READ MORE

Are Copper Peptides Applied Topically Good As Scar Treatments? Or Another Marketing Hype?

A doctor with a PhD who has  "studied methods of reversing human aging", is endorsing copper peptides as an effective way to combat... READ MORE

Could Products of Copper Peptide or EMU Oil Remove Scars?

Dear Doctors, Could products of copper peptide or EMU oil remove scars? READ MORE

Various Types of Scars-What Should I Use Phenol Peel or Surgery or Injections? (photo)

Used Accutane in past. It left me with huge, tissue thin weeping pustules on cheeks. Now have pitted scars, rolling scars, probably box scars, and V.... READ MORE

Most Effective Scar Removal for a 12 Year Old Surgical Scar?

When I was 7 years old, I was diagnosed with hereditary chronic pancreatitis, and I had a surgery (called a Puesto, or something like that, operation)... READ MORE

Can the Obagi Nu Derm System Used with Retin A 0.1% Strength Help with Pitted Scarring?

A cosmetic clinic I visited claimed that the Obagi Nu Derm system used in conjunction with retin A can help improve indented scarring. My scars are... READ MORE

Is shaving off keloids an effective method as long as injections are the follow up for 3-4 months?

I've had my keloid for about 6 years. It's a little smaller then a pea. I've been getting injections for the last 3 months and have noticed a little... READ MORE

SCAR REVISION: Would Dermabrasion Suffice? Or Would I Need a Skin Graft Too? What Would This Cost? (photo)

I have an 8-year old branding on the under side of my right forearm. It is about 1.5"x2" and I am considering dermabrasion. I was originally... READ MORE

Can Surgical Scars Be Removed with Laser? (Ex. for Arm and Thigh Lift)

I have lost over 80 lbs on a 5'2" frame. I want a bbl, mommy makeover, arm and thigh lift. I have been so depressed my whole life either obese or left... READ MORE

How Effective Are Silicone Gel Treatments for Scar Reduction?

I have a breast augmentation and tummy tuck procedure tomorrow. I am exploring scar reduction resources. How effective are the silicone gel treatments... READ MORE

Laser on Finger? (photo)

Is it safe to use a laser on a slightly raised hypertrophic scar on my left thumb? Would a fat flap from my abdomen be effective? Any advice would be... READ MORE

V-Tar For Scar Treatment?

Hi! I got a scar several years ago when I fell from a bike. My scar is flat and white. And now I'm using the scaraway silicon gel and the diminishing... READ MORE

Can I Use the Contractubex Gel After It Was Warmed Up?

I placed the Contractubex gel tube near my laptop, while it was on & the tube got warmer, later i palced it in cold water. Now if I use it will... READ MORE

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