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What products do you recommend for helping to get rid of my eczema scars? (Photo)

Hi there, so I have had Eczema for years and as you can see from the picture I have provided that I not only have a lot of old scars but I also have... READ MORE

I have a lot of scars on my legs & I'm embarrassed to wear dresses. What's the best scar removal cream/oil or treatment? (photo)

I have eczema so I itch a lot which causes scabs which I then pick at (I've tried to stop) it just doesn't work READ MORE

What are the chances of completely removing my scars? (Photo)

I have had eczema in the past which has left me with scars on my legs, which I really hate. I am searching for scar treatment that will give me better... READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment For Scars on Legs Caused By Eczema?

I have many scars on my legs caused by eczema. The scars ranges from 1-2 inches wide and brown in color. Which laser treatment works best? Are there... READ MORE

I Have Eczema and I Have Scars on Each Leg on the Calf Muscle How Can I Make Them Less Visible?

The scars kind of look purple and around that area the skin feels sensitive. READ MORE

What can I use for my dark itchy scaly mark from eczema?

Ita a scaley patch on my forehead that peels and itches alot and now its very dark and shiny It will not go away no matter what I use. It looks like a... READ MORE

I have dark spots and scars all over my legs and elbows. Is there anything I can use that would even out my skin tone? (Photos)

I've had eczema since the third grade and now I'm a senior. The dark spots are the worst on the back of my thighs. READ MORE

What skin condition do i have and how can i get rid of these scars? (photos)

I have had these marks since i was 15. I have a skin condition called eczema. My skin itches for no reason. I have tried many different kinds of... READ MORE

Treatment for Eczema Scars on Legs

I am african and have suffered from itchy eczema for 7 years. The scratching has left me with very dark hyperpigmented scars on my legs. No creams are... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Surgically Remove Eczema Scars?

When I was younger I had a lot of eczema on my arms and legs. Today, I am still suffering from dark brown patches and marks on my legs. I am Indian... READ MORE

I suffer from chronic eczema and had the worst outbreak of my life last Winter 2014. From Nov 2014 through Dec 2014. (photo)

I scratched really bad at night and was left with these scars you see on my legs and arms. I model and this has ruined my career. What can be done to... READ MORE

Eczema/Scabies on Arms and Stomach?

I have horrible eczema on my arms and stomach which has now be infected by scabies! Nothing has helped with both! What should I do now?! The dark... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my eczema scar?

I have a large eczema scar and am wondering what o can do to get rid of it, and if I can't get rid of it what I can do to lighten it. Thank you READ MORE

Can you check what's the blister thing that keeps coming back on my legs? Please help. (photos)

Good day! I've been suffering from this blisters since last year and I did seek a dermatologist and she told me I have a mild eczema and warns me not... READ MORE

How to get rid of body scars?

I've had some scars and discolorations in my thighs and that part in my hand from my shoulders till the tip of my elbows.. because of Eczema and... READ MORE

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