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Keloid from Ear Piercing - Removal Options?

Hi. I'm a 15 year old. I got my keloid on my ear as a result of a bad piercing. I went to my doctor and she said she won't treat it with a... READ MORE

Ear Piercings With Keloids?

When I was younger I had my ears pierced, but got keloids. I gave up for many years, but now am thinking about getting my ears pierced again. I still... READ MORE

Procedure and Cost for Removing Keloid on Ear?

I have a keloid behind my ear and on top of my left ear. What treatment should I have get rid of them, and how much will it cost? READ MORE

Keloid Removal on Earlobes?

I have a keloid on the front and back part of both my earlobes. I really don't know what the steps are for the Keloid removal of one. How would I go... READ MORE

Is a Bleeding Keloid Cancerous?

My keloid is approximately 6 cm in diameter and has been bleeding for a few weeks. Could this infection be cancerous? I have an appointment in a few days. READ MORE

Keloid Removal with Rubber Bands? (photo)

I have been stuck with this keloid for about 5 years now, and i really want to get rid of it. Its big like a size a big grape. I really want to try... READ MORE

Do I Need Cortisone Shots Before Keloid Removal?

I have a Keliod on m upper ear, which is caused from a piercing. I just started with the cortisone shot and have to return monthly. After the keliod... READ MORE

Removal Options for Keloid That Grew Back After Surgery?

I have a keloid in my left upper ear. I had surgery but it grew back and it's bigger than before. I want to know what my options are. I really want... READ MORE

What is this bump on my industrial piercing and how can I treat it? (Photo)

I got my industrial pierced 5 years ago and have had this bump since. I am unsure if this is a keloid or a hypertrophic scar. It used to be fairly... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Surgically Remove Scar Tissue from an Old Ear Piercing?

I removed an ear piercing before it was fully healed and although it is not a keloid, there is scar tissue. Is it possible to remove it? How much... READ MORE

Cheap Keloid Removal

Im 18 years old i have extremely embarassing keloids for 3 years after getting my ears peirced.They way they are hidden beacuse I have long Dread... READ MORE

Removal for Keloid on Ear?

I have a keloid on my right ear the size of a cashew peanut. It happened from an ear piercing session. I permed my hair and kept perming and some of... READ MORE

Ear Keloid Removal

I recently saw an ENT surgeon about the half inch keloid on my right ear that I've had for 6 years, who immediately after 20 seconds of looking at... READ MORE

How to Avoid Bleeding During Keloid Removal?

I have a keloid on my ear, its connected to a small piece of skin, I wanted to cut it off but I don't want to bleed to death, should I use tea tree,... READ MORE

What is the Best Option to Remove Keloid on Ear? (photo)

I have had this keloid formed after i had my cartigle peierced with a gun, it was growen bigger in 2years. Its purple in colour and surface does not... READ MORE

High Risk to Remove Keloid at 16 and Over?

Does keloid removal at 16 and over pose high risk? I have keloid on my ear. READ MORE

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