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Keloid Healing From Ear Cartilage Piercing?

Age 17, female, 2 months since I pierced by ear cartilage and developed a keloid. Will this heal on it's own? What should I dO/ im a 17 year old... READ MORE

What's the best way to remove scar tissue from my ear?

I've gotten a lot of scar tissue in my ear (cartilage) due to piercings and one infected piercing over the years. Is there anything that can be done... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my keloid on ear cartilage? (photos)

Hello, I have a keloid on my cartilage from a piercing i had about 3yrs ago, i had removed that keloid which was like a small ball using the rubber... READ MORE

Would It Be Possible to Get the Keloid on the Cartilage of my Ear Surgically Removed? (photo)

I keep getting infections in the piercing hole because of the keloid being in the way of the bar and therefore not being able to clean it properly. I... READ MORE

Can I Get Steroid Shots to Remove my Keloid?

I have a keloid the size of a coco puff lol maybe a little smaller on my cartilage. I got my ears pierced when I was 13 and the keloid developed on my... READ MORE

How much will it cost to remove my keloids with the shot? (Photo)

I wanted to kno how much will it cost to remove my keloids at it lowest coat because i have a low self-esteem about my ear im only able to wear my... READ MORE

So I have had a keloid for almost a year now. Is it easier to remove it because it is self imposed? (photos)

My keyloid was formed because I was playing football and put my helmet on with the earring in, eventually I had to stop and removed the earring from... READ MORE

Can a combination of steroid injections and lasers work to help lessen ear cartilage scars? (photos)

About 20 years ago I had 6 or 7 piercings in the cartilage of my right ear. Because they were done with a blunt piercing gun all of the piercings... READ MORE

Can I Rubberband my keloid while keeping my earring in?

My keloids grew around the back of my cartilage piercings and I was wondering if I could do the rubber band method and keep my earrings in. I have not... READ MORE

Is there a better option for compression on a recently excised and radiated keloid (upper ear area) than a compression earring?

I had a very large keloid removed from the top of my ear (result of a cartilage piercing). Following surgery, I had three days of radiation. It has... READ MORE

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