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How to get rid of strawberry legs

I'm a young African American woman with pretty dry and rough skin plus I have these black dots everywhere from shaving and I'd like to know how to get... READ MORE

How to Remove Chickenpox Scars?

Hello , i had chicken pox 7 monthes ago and it left 6 scars on my forhead and one on my left cheek i would give my scars on scale from one to ten on... READ MORE

What products should I use to remove scars on my legs & keep my legs & feet moisturized, that is suitable for my skin? (Photo)

Hi 14 years old female and I have these scars on my legs due to scratching. Also my feet and legs are always dry. READ MORE

What procedure would be best to get ride of these "lines" and possible acne marks? (photo)

They look like acne marks but I never struggled with acne? When I smile its the most pronounced and I am only 21! I've done microderm but it really... READ MORE

Need my scars removed and solution for my acne and dry skin problem. Need advise and solution. (Photo)

My face (all over) is covered with small white heads. On Chin area it is hard (difficult to remove even by facial brush). My lips is whitish and side... READ MORE

How to treat damaged skin on my face after a severe burn caused by Retin A and hydroquinone?

About 7 months ago I was desperate to get clear skin so I tried retinA and hydroquinone it's was what could afird compared to other services so I have... READ MORE

What could this possibly be??? (photos)

How do I completely get rid of scarring? What treatments, lotions.. etc. What's causing this? It started from childhood getting mosquitoes bites &... READ MORE

Should i use anything to reduce the ted dry skin mark? (photo)

I had chemical brn from hair removal cream on my face yesterday. I used 1% hydrocortison after burn. Now its getting red dry skin. READ MORE

How to treat this? And how to erase its scar? (photos)

I got these from dry skin and it was extremely itchy and it had bumps and everytime I scratch it, it forms new scars. Now, they're dry as I have been... READ MORE

I Have Black Marks All over my Body Since I Was 13 Now I'm 21. My Thighs, my Back, and Stomach. Any Suggestions? (photo)

I have black marks all over my body since i was 13 now i'm 21. The only spot in my body that doesn't have any black marks is my breast area and my... READ MORE

Due to chronic urticaria & mosquito bites left black spot on body. How to remove dark black spot? (photos)

I'm 23 years old girl, have dry skin with IgE level 458 IU/ml. Suffering from chronic urticaria for about 6 years, which left black spot all over body... READ MORE

I have had a scar on my foot since childhood. It gets very dry and skin begins to peel (Photo)

Is there any procedure that can be done or measures I can take to reduce or perhaps get rid of this scar? The color and texture constantly changes,... READ MORE

Dry itchy patches and discolored legs. Can I get rid of the marks? (Photo)

Past 2 years lumps pop up all over plus dry patches and can i get rid of the marks plus my legs are 2 different colors READ MORE

I have a scar on my face. Any suggestions for growing scar, happen while shaving year ago? (photo)

Its round dried dead skin, This happened a year ago by cut whilst shaving but now the scar is grown it was tiny and i fiddled with by pinching it a... READ MORE

I have dry skin. In winter my skin starts peeling and the redness becomes scars and stays. I don't have any idea what to do?

I want to get rid of this dry skin and these black scars kind of thing after the peeling should atleast be gone by a week. I feel depressed and can't... READ MORE

I have these dark scars. I have tried to fade them using every product but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions? (photos)

The last picture is a burn scar. The rest of the scars on my forehead are acne scars. The 3rd picture scar is from dry skin. The 4th picture scar is... READ MORE

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