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Will we ever find a 100% cure to scarring?

Maybe with stem cells? I know bellafill and fraxel aren't permanent. Also when will these treatments become cheaper and have less down time? READ MORE

Scar Removal with Least Required Downtime?

I have several scars on my chest. The pigmentation of these circular scars is lighter than my olive skin tone. I cannot afford down time and need to... READ MORE

After an extractions by chemical peels, I got an orange peel texture and scarring. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I made one of the biggest mistakes by visiting some dermatologist in my younger years for mild/moderate acne.. he had his nurses do extractions... READ MORE

Which is the best treatment to remove surgical scar from the knee ? (photos)

I have a 4 yr old broken patella scar on my knee . Which is the best method to remove it ? And how much time does it take after the removing process ?... READ MORE

Will anything work on these scars? (photos)

I have done 6 vi peels and 6 RF skin tightening. PDL and Qswitch for color. Also frequent fillers. Will anything work or am I wasting my money and... READ MORE

How Long is the Typical Hospital Stay for Adhesion Removal Surgery?

I am supposed to have adhesion surgery soon, and this is due to many pelvic surgeries, and an eventual hysterectomy that went bad. I have alot of... READ MORE

1-3 month old scars. What kind of scars are these and what treatment is right for me? (photos)

I have included pictures but not of me because i couldnt get any good ones but these are close to what mine look like,i have circled the scars,my... READ MORE

Starlux 1540 for Mild Acne Scarring with No Downtime?

I have mild acne scarring. I want to do the Star Lux 1540 laser to help with my scarring. I can't really have any downtime with my job and school so... READ MORE

I have a scar on the side of my nose that is really dark. What kind of surgery should I look into? (Photo)

My dermatologist told me laser will not work. What kind of surgery should I look into and what would be the downtime and costs associated? READ MORE

Hypertrophic acne scar on chin. What's the best treatment with minimum downtime?

I have hypertrophic acne round scars in my chin area which puts me into depression.may iknow the best traymebt with minimum downtime that can be used... READ MORE

Complete removal of chronic raised facial scar due to scratching in childhood. (Photo)

I am 34 yo asian male with raised facial scars on the left side of the face for 28 years. It started from the self scratching due to big pimple at... READ MORE

Tissue build up from type 1 diabetic taking insulin injections. Can or should it be removed?

So I've been a type 1 diabetic for over 20 years. I've gone through insulin pens, hypodermic needles, and a pump. I've always have ultra sensitive... READ MORE

How to get rid of chicken pox scars on forehead with as little downtime as possible? (Photo)

Hello! Three months ago I had a CO2-laser treatment done for my scars. I know that in order to see improvement I should go for more treatments.... READ MORE

Is SRT-100 treatment eligible option for chest wall Keloid? Cancer risk? Downtime/results timeframe? procedure cost? (Photos)

Last 3 months has been really irritated/itchy/painful Is this the prime time to take action with treatment for the best effectiveness ? Is there a... READ MORE

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