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Pediatric Dermatologist Vs Pediatric Plastic Surgeon and Scar Treatment

My 2 year old daughter fell and hit her forehead 7 weeks ago on a sharp edge of our bed. The cut ran from above her nose just into her eyebrow line.... READ MORE

Best Doctor for a Scar Revision/excision in Los Angeles Area?

I have been thinking about having a scar revised for years. The scar is a result of a punch excision I had done. The procedure I am most considering... READ MORE

Should I Use a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for Scar Excision?

And why? Which is the best option? Pros and cons? Also, which type of excision procedures are best for a small lineal hypertrophic scars after an... READ MORE

Los Angeles Doctor Recommendations for Keloid Removal via Radiation, and Cost?

This Year I Had my 4th Surgery Trying to Remove a Keloid in my Earlobe and It's Back Again. Looking for a doctor that uses radiation to cure the... READ MORE

Subcision for Bound Down Scars - Best Done by a Dermatologist?

Hello I have two bound down scars that I feel certain would benefit from subcision. It is adhered to the tissue beneath, and because the scar is in an... READ MORE

Keloid Removal Cost and Doctor in Washington DC?

I live in Washington DC and I want a keloid on my earlobe removed. This has really brought discomfort to my life and I really want it removed ASAP.... READ MORE

Looking for Keloid Removal Expertin New Jersey?

Are there any surgeons in the New Jersey area that will perform this for me. I would like radiation after wards because I hear that recurrence is... READ MORE

Doctor for Scar Tissue Removal in the Lips?

Eight months ago, my lips were injected with Juvederm. It was hideous. There was a bump on my lip too. I have since had hyaluronidaise injections and... READ MORE

Surgeon Who Specializes in Removing Indented Scars?

Im a 30 year old woman and I need some advice for an indented scar on the side of my chin area. The scar is from persistent acne years ago and the... READ MORE

Will my insurance (United Healthcare) cover keloid removals on my earlobes? If so, what kind of doctor should I need to visit?

I have United Healthcare as my insurance provider, I live in Houston Texas and well I have been suffering from Keloids on the back of both of my... READ MORE

Southern California Keloid Specialist who Accepts PPO Insurance?

I'm a 35 Year Old Latina Who Has Suffered from Earlobe Keloids for Years. I've Had 5 (4 with Kaiser and 1 in Mexico) all that came out of... READ MORE

Recommended Scar Revision Expert in Atlanta?

My 15 year old daughter has large thick keloid from mediport. I need most innovative technique used in Atlanta area. We need a specialist in scar... READ MORE

Do You Know a Good Clinic in London UK That Can Remove my Venous Lake with No Scarring?

I have a venous lake on my inside lower lip and would like to have it removed successfully with no scarring. I understand the best treatment is with a... READ MORE

Florida Keloid Removal Doctor Recommendations

I have a keloid scar on my chin about 2 inches wide by 1 inch and one on the right side of my face a little bigger than chin scar and very dark brown... READ MORE

Scar Revision Under Chin?

I'm looking for a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles who can revise the scar under my chin. My chin looks big because of the way the scar is and I'm... READ MORE

How to get rid of deep self-harm scars and find an understanding doctor experienced in this?

I have hundreds of self- harm scars on my arms. All are now faded to white, thin but deep, leaving my skin quite textured. I have tried creams,... READ MORE

How can I make scar on my forehead less visible? I've tried laser, peels and Kenalog. I need a surgeon in Austin, TX. (Photo)

I had an accident when i was a kid and got a slant scar about 1.5 inch in the middle of my forehead. I had 3 scar revisions - the last one was 3 yrs... READ MORE

Searching for Good Scar Revision Surgeon for Bound Down Scars

I had surgery in Nov. 2009. It was all to be done from inside the mouth, but two small incisions 3-4 mm were outside in the nasal labial folds.... READ MORE

Ontario Canada Scar Removal Doctor Recommendations

I have had two hysterectomy procedures. First was for the uterus and ovary and the second five years later, for the other ovary (same procedure). I... READ MORE

Best Way To Remove 10yr Old Stitch Scars?

I Want to Remove Stiches Mark from my Face Which I Had 10yrs Before Now I Am 23yrs Old,plz Sugesst Me Best Doctr in MUMBAI READ MORE

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