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How to Remove Dent from Nose Piercing?

This summer I got my nose pierced and now there is a dent! I regret doing it and took it out that night. It has healed and I have been putting on over... READ MORE

Doctor Recommended Scar Cream?

What scar cream or product would you lovely doctors on realself recommend? Anything out there that actually works to reduce the size, thickness,... READ MORE

Bio-oil Effective for Reducing Scars?

Is Bio-Oil an effective treatment to reduce the appearance of a scar? Or should I consider plastic surgery? I obtained a scar when I fell on a wooden... READ MORE

Got Cortisone Injection over 2 Years Ago on a Cyst and Still Have the Scar and Discoloration, Options? (photo)

It has been over 2,5 years since i received the cortisone injection on my cheek to reduce a cyst but still have the discoloration and irregular scar... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Old Keloid with Discoloration?

I am tired of my keloid, I have it since I was 7 years old. I have tried almost every single Keloid removal option doctors recommend: from steroid... READ MORE

What Treatment is Best for Removing Boiling Milk Burn Scar?

I was 2 years old when i decided to pour boiling milk on myself, stupidly. the only scar i have now is on my chest, around 5cm by 10cm. the scarred... READ MORE

Non-surgical Treatment to Fade Large, Raised Leg Scar?

I have a large scar on my leg stretching my entire right thigh. I suffered a degloving injury in a bus accident nine years ago. Some sections are... READ MORE

How Can I Remove my Discolored Chicken Pox Mark on my NOSE?

I am a teen and I got chiken pox when I was very little, about 1 year old Unfotunately I scratched those marks, and now I have one big scar on my nose... READ MORE

Flat Discolored Scar? (photo)

I had a ganglion cyst removed about 18 months ago and my scar is still present on my wrist. It's not terrible but my wife and I agreed that we should... READ MORE

Scar Removal After Breast Aug? (photo)

I have some discolorations near the incision site of a breast augmentation procedure. I have tried mederma, but get irritations and rashes from the... READ MORE

Discoloration caused by milia removal. Will it fade?

My 4 year old child had milia around his eye which has been cut off by his doctor and after the scab removed by it self I noticed discoloration , does... READ MORE

I cut my face and and I been using mederma for almost 2 weeks. Why haven't I seen any progress? It's only caused discoloration.

I hit my self almost a month ago in my face is red and I been used merdema gel and mederma pm since it looks like a deep cut I need help for what to... READ MORE

Got an abrasion three weeks ago from falling down a hill. Will this go away on its own? The discoloration? (Photo)

It looks like a scar and discoloration from the abrasion/road rash and I wanted to know if I'll eventually go away or if other measures have to be... READ MORE

Burn Scar On My Leg From Boiling Water When I Was 2. Now I'm 37. Options?

Burn on my right leg from boiling water when I was 2 years old and now I'm 37 it's been my nightmare since I was little I never wear short or skirt .... READ MORE

Treatment for Skin Discoloration and Uneveness from Acne?

I have some skin discoloration and unevenness (redness) due to acne. I don't have ice pick scarring, my acne would be light to mildly moderate I think... READ MORE

I Have a Small Indented Discolored 12 Year Old Scar on the Side of my Nose from Domestic Abuse? (photo)

I have a small indented discolored 12 year old scar on the side of my nose from domestic abuse, I am now a spokes person and in the public view. What... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Scars from Chemical Peel?

I've scars on my face from chemical peels. I also have discoloration and freckle. How can I have clean looking face? READ MORE

Vaginal/Buttock Scars from MRSA? (photo)

Scars and discoloration from boils from MRSA approx 10 years ago. Scars are inflated and deep. Tried kojic acid,obaji,hydroquine 4%. Laser treatments... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Raised, Discolored Chicken Pox Scars?

I have a couple of raised chicken pox scars on my abdomen. They are a lighter color than the rest of my skin. What procedures (at home or at the... READ MORE

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