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Removal Options for Large Scar on Knee?

I have a large circular scar on my knee which is 10 years old. The scar is deep, takes up 1/3 of my knee and is from an unhappy period in my life. I... READ MORE

Best Technique for Burn Scar Removal?

I have some small, not so deep, burn scars. I'm considering either some sort of laser treatment or microneedling. Which would work better? I may... READ MORE

TCA Cross or Punch Excision for deep cheek scar? (photo)

What would you do? 3 PS, 3 different answers. 2 of 3 said an excision will fail but the other one says it's a piece of cake. Not sure what to do. TCA... READ MORE

Remove Forever Deep Scar Near Eye?

I have a deep scar on my face near my eye area, can you possibly remove my scar forever? I am 54 years old, in good health and i am very self concious... READ MORE

How can I get rid of an old eyebrow piercing scar?

I have a deep scar on my eyebrow from an old piercing, is there anything I can have done to remove this or to make it less noticeable, as at the... READ MORE

Treatment for Deep, Rough Scars on the Knees?

I have these deep scars on my knees, and they are so rough I have never worn any skirt or dress in my life. Can anything be done about it? READ MORE

My Facelift Scars Are Horrible, What Can I Do?

My facelift scars are horrible. 2-3mm white line all along forehead hairline its also dented in. same kind of scar in front of both ears, along the... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of a Deep Scar That is Now Raised on Nose and Forehead That is a Few Months

Cut was deep on forehead and nose that is now white and raised did not have stitches, just a few months old, what is best treatment to remove scars READ MORE

My sister scratched me many times on my face with her nails. Please suggest me a way to get rid of it (Photo)

I have to get rid of them as soon as possible because I am a school student and everything on face is visible. It has very deep marks READ MORE

Acne Scar with Multiple Skin Problems Treatment Options?

I'd like to do something to make my acne scars less noticeable. What is recommended considering I: am East Indian (skin type 4); have vitiligo... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove a deep chicken pox scar on my noise. (photo)

The scar is deep and so laser treatment or debrasion techniques I don't think will be helpful. I am also aware that these techniques often cause... READ MORE

1 Cm Cut Scar on the Nose? (photo)

Hi, You can call me Bk, 1.5 years back I got into a fight and woke up with a stitched cut on my nose. I don't know who was the doctor coz he really... READ MORE

What is the best solution for Scars

Hi, I am 24 years old, i have alot deep scars on my cheeks that derived from pimples . i do Dermabrasion, subcision, Co2 Laser BUT i don`t get good... READ MORE

I Have a Deep Scar Right in The Middle of my Forehead I Want to Get Rid of It?

There was a boil kind of thing on my head It last from a couple weeks. About 2 months. It vanished but left a dark scar on my forehead which looks wierd READ MORE

How to get rid of deep self-harm scars and find an understanding doctor experienced in this?

I have hundreds of self- harm scars on my arms. All are now faded to white, thin but deep, leaving my skin quite textured. I have tried creams,... READ MORE

What Are My Options to Remove 20+ Year Old Scars?

Hi! ive been wondering if there is a procedure can be done to permanently remove a scar caused by deep wounds. its dark scars and been bearing it on... READ MORE

What Treatment Do You Suggest For Removing Chicken Pox Scars From Face? (photo)

I had chicken pox when I was 8 years old and it left me scars on face (below and above my eyes) . Now its been 10 years. (One time, a doctor said it... READ MORE

I Am an 18 Year Old Boy I Have Deep Pitted Scars on my Face Because of Tweezing? Any Cure?

I am an 18 year old boy, and i tweeze the hair that grow above my beard line, and now i have pitted scars around that area. What can i do to heal the... READ MORE

What is the best way to treat deep (ice pick) scarring on the nose. (photo)

I have never had horrible acne before just moderate and nothing that ever left serious scars until and this problem started out of no where beginning... READ MORE

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