Dark Skin + Scar Removal

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What to Do with Burn Scars from Laser Treaments?

I have burn scars from laser all over my legs. What can I do? I have a dark skin color and I am very worried that these scars are permanent. READ MORE

What is the Best Scar Removal Method for a Dark Skinned Patient?

I have small but very dark flat scars all over my back thanks to folliculitis. I have dark skin - so what is the best way to go about getting these... READ MORE

Non Surgical Options To Treat Facial Scars on Dark Skin? (photo)

I am a black African lady from Namibia southern Africa. i have angry scar ( marks) on my face and i am not happy with it. i cannot afford a plastic... READ MORE

How can I treat scars from ingrown hairs?

I have bad dark scars on my legs from ingrown hairs. I don"t pick and my skin is dark so i cant get laser hair removal. I exfoliate. I have not found... READ MORE

How Can I Fix The Deep Scars Under My Eyelids? I Have Dark Skin And Worry About Hyperpigmentation.

I have dark skin.i also have deep scars under my eyelid from an accident. what should i do? i worry about laser with my dark skin, (hyperpigmintaion).... READ MORE

Are these keloids scars on my ears? How can I prevent new ones from developing? (photos)

If so will they get any bigger?. I've had them for almost a year but my main concern is that I have on both ears and even piercings over 3 years I... READ MORE

What is the possible diagnosis of this dark lesion on my ankle? (photo)

I has been there a few months and occured after using treatment for ringworm on my ankle. it is flat and smooth, but just much darker ive attached a photo READ MORE

My skin is not peeling, scabbing, or falling off after my laser scar removal, does it mean that its not working? (photo)

I have already had two treatments done on my skin specifically my legs. I had scars there since I was 8 (now 19) so I'm getting laser scar removal. I... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove an old scar from my leg? (Photo)

I'm a dark skin & I have being mosquito bite scars on my leg for like 15 years. I have seen lots of doctors but still I'm not able to find a solution... READ MORE

Will I have enough skin to do do a scar excision for my keloid? (photos)

I want to remove a keloid on my face and I'm worried about stitch indentations showing after the sew skin back together.. Also will I have enough skin... READ MORE

I have a slightly raised keloid scar on my arm and I'm dark skinned. Are there any products that could reduce the appearance?

I have a slightly raised keloid scar on my arm and I'm dark skinned. Are there any products that could reduce the appearance? I have done some reading... READ MORE

What's the best way to remove a surgical scar on dark skin? (Photo)

I am absolutely miserable due to the scar which causes me severe anxiety and depression and need it gone (money is not an issue) the scar is slightly... READ MORE

Scarring Near Mouth from Retin-A Use

I had mild acne in the past and the doctor prescribed retin-a 0.5 but she didn't stress how you really can't put it near your mouth. I used it... READ MORE

Can Linear Hypetrophic Scar Be Revised Without Recurrence?

I am dark-skinned. This scar is 3 years old. It blends in after I wake up since lying down causes the blood in my face to plump up the skin. As the... READ MORE

How to get rid of dark hyper pigmented scars on dark skin? (Photo)

Hi, I have a dark scar on my face and it has been there for over 10 years. I used a blade to scrape off the upper layer of my scarred skin years ago... READ MORE

Treatment for fading dark scars as a result of folliculitis in legs on dark indian skin? (photos)

Hi. I am an indian female with darker skin. I have folliculitis on my legs and am currenty undergoing laser hair removal to treat it. I have several... READ MORE

How can I remove the scars on my nose? (photos)

Hi my name is awad adam i have nasal scars on my face and those nasal scars it a bit smaler but it,s really scars and look bad and iam looking... READ MORE

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