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How can I lighten flat dark scars on my upper arms and upper back from picking scabs?

I pick scabs repeatedly. The scars are dark and I would like to know how to lighten them READ MORE

Removal for Dark Scars Left by Folliculitis?

I am a 25-year-old Asian male who has been diagnosed with folliculitis on my neck. I do not shave my neck, but get large pimple-like bumps that will... READ MORE

Help! How to remove dark scars from shaving on African American skin - Bikini area. (photos)

I haven't shaved in a while because I wanted to know if I obtained the scars from shaving. And I realized only when I shave the scars appear. I stated... READ MORE

Can an African American Get Scar Removal?

Just really wanting to know because I have heard that some Laser treatments can cause the dark skin to have a difference in skin pigmentation. If I... READ MORE

Bleaching or Other Products to Heal Scar on Forehead?

I was punched in the top of my head. It was just above the eyebrow. I had to get eight stiches. That was about two months ago. It left a reddish pink... READ MORE

Please help me with a cream or a remedy to overcome the dark patch caused by wax on my face. (Photo)

Beautician waxed my upper lip twice and now I'm left with a patch on the left of my mouth which is burning and is turning dark. I have an occasion... READ MORE

Treatment for Scar from Blackhead?

What is the best way to remove a scar from a blackhead? I scraped it and now it has gotten pretty dark. READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Scar from Skin Ulcer?

I have a dark scar on my lower leg about 2x3 inches from a skin ulcer. Is there any way to get rid of it or at least reduce the appearance of it greatly? READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Lighten Dark Scars?

I had undergone collage injections. The scars have flatten but the problem is the dark color. What can be done to lighten these scars?   READ MORE

Treatment for Hyperpigmented Scar on Dark Skin?

Hyperpigmented scar on nose from when I accidentally scrapped the tip of my nose. Is there a treatment you would recommend? It's been about 6 months... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my dark flat and old scars? (photos)

I got my scar from skateboarding and it's big and dark, it's been 5 years since I got it and I just want to remove it. I also have some scars from... READ MORE

Will this scar on my face disappear? How do I get rid of it? I am so depressed having this scar on my face. (photo)

I went to this local aesthetician who has convinced me to get rid of my facial wart thru laser which I really regret now. He didn't do a good job at... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation and old scar tissue on toes from when I was 5 years old. What can I do? (photos)

When I was 5 I wore a pair of tight shoes. I am now 33 and have hyperpigmentation on my toes and the skin on my ankles is darker and a little pinkish... READ MORE

Will a hydroquinone-based product like Scarguard Lightener permanently & safely lighten a neonatal circumcision scar? (Photo)

When I was circumcised as a baby, the resulting scar was very dark and uneven. It has always embarrassed & bothered me, and I've gotten negative... READ MORE

How to Remove Dark Scars from Picking Scabs?

When I was younger, I would pick at my scabs and they would become black scars. I really want to know if there is anything that could help me? READ MORE

Possible to Remove 18-year-old Scar on Knee?

The old scar on my knee is round and quite dark and obvious. How will it be removed totally? What are the possible operations? READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Hide White and Brownish Scar?

Hi, I am a black skinned lady with old scars of over 20 years. They have a kind of white and brownish color. Please, which treatment can I use to at... READ MORE

Which Scar Treatments Will Best Improve my (Stomach) Surgical Scars?

I have scars from 2 different procedures (I know my stretch marks are horrible too!) & I'm desperate to do something about them. The dark... READ MORE

Help with Bleached Patches from Lemon Juice?

I tried to lighten my acne scars with fresh pure lemon juice. However, for some reason it has bleached both of my cheeks and now my face looks patchy... READ MORE

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