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How to Reduce Cutting Scars from Self Harm?

I have scars from cutting. Is there any recommended treatment? Its embarassing that I did it to myself and now I just want to feel normal. READ MORE

Is Cutting out Scar Tissue and Sewing it up with Small Stitches an Effective Scar Revision Method?

I read that a common technique used by cosmetic surgeons is to cut out the scar tissue and sew up the wound with small stitches to allow it to heal... READ MORE

What Procedures/treatments Are Effective at Treating Hypopigmented Scars from Cutting?

I have several old hypopigmented vertical line scars on my forearms from cutting. They are still so noticeable that I have worn cardigans every summer... READ MORE

I Want to Remove Old Scars from Self Harm on my Arm?

I Want to Remove Old Scars from Self Harm on my Arm? READ MORE

What can I do about my scars on my arms. Should I get laser treatment? Or would a tattoo be more efficient? (photo)

I cut myself back in 2012 and also in June of 2013 I have everything figured out and I'm as happy as can be :) but, I have these constant reminder of... READ MORE

How to Remove Scar on Tip of the Nose Caused by a Knife (Self Harm)? (photo)

Can it be possible to remove a scar on my nose which ive had since i was 20? ive had it for 6 year's caused by myself when i tried to cut the tip of... READ MORE

How do I get rid of self harm white stars? (photo)

It's been a few months since I've been cutting myself. My scars had turned white but did not fade, that tells me that I probably did something very... READ MORE

Can I remove self harm scars? (Photo)

I have scars from cutting about a year ago. Most of them are long and white, though some are raised. Most are on my shoulder, and hip. The longest is... READ MORE

Scars from Cutting As a Teenager... Can These Be Fixed? (photo)

They show more when I'm tan, so I'm not sure how the color thing works with the removal. I've called scar centers in Chicago and they said they... READ MORE

Best Solution To Remove Scar In Smile Lines?

I formed a scar. I went to a derma doctor when I was 15 years and he injected something which flatten it. It lasted a couple months and then came back... READ MORE

I wanted to know an estimate for scar removal surgery (photo)

I use to cut. I still do but not as often and it is kept to the same general area. I can cover them with a short sleeve mens t shirt but I wonder if I... READ MORE

Self-inflicted scars removal and reduction

I've got a cut scar aged around 5 months. I feel very uncomfortable with it and looking into option to get it healed or removed. Could someone kindly... READ MORE

Does laser therapy work for old larger scars? What kind of laser should I look for?

My girlfriend has some pretty significant scarring on her legs and arms from cutting. She hasn't self harmed in over 18 months. The scars are rather... READ MORE

I suffered depression and selfharmed. Scars are raised and itch/burn. Can I get them removed? (Photo)

I like in the UK. I know they will never fully disappear but they are bringing my mood down and I'm starting to fall back into depression READ MORE

What is the Most Effective Way to Get Rid of Old White Scars from Cutting? (photo)

These scars are approximately 9 years old. It was something I did in high school and no longer do. They're white, fairly flat and don't seem to be... READ MORE

I Want to Remove Scars on my Arm Made by Blade by Myself and I Live in Dubai?

I want to remove scars from my arm in the upper area of my bicep i have made them by using a blade and it is in a really bad shape then i have burned... READ MORE

I Have a a Lot of Hypertropic Scars in my Left Hand. Please Tell Me How Can I Get Rid of It? (photo)

I have more than 30 lines of cuts in my left hand.I cut it myself with a blade when i hd lots of problem in my life and i couldn't take parents... READ MORE

Scar Removal Options? (photo)

I used to struggle with cutting, and I have at the very least 150 raised scars as a result of deep cuts made by surgical blades of varying sizes on my... READ MORE

What Can I Do About the Scars on my Wrist from Cutting?

From cutting I have raised white-ish thin straight scars on the sides of my wrist. I understand complete removal is unlikely but I would like too make... READ MORE

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