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How to get rid of my scars completely? (photos)

Hello. I am 20 years old. I got my first scar by cutting my hand on a glass from a door 8 months ago. I would like to know what options I have to get... READ MORE

Earlobe Keloid - Treatment Debulk Or Cut It All?

I had my keloid excised before but didn't follow through with after treatment and it grew back bigger. 3 X3. I went to kaiser today and my doctor... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of a Deep Scar That is Now Raised on Nose and Forehead That is a Few Months

Cut was deep on forehead and nose that is now white and raised did not have stitches, just a few months old, what is best treatment to remove scars READ MORE

Does Silicone Pad Works on Raised Scar?

My scar was formed due to an accident,my cheek was cut and stitched,which left an white raised scar.Its an old scar..I want to improve it by non... READ MORE

How does scar removal work? Can the scar I'm sharing pictures of be completely removed? (photos)

I got a severe cut on my hand, and had to get stitches. But the stitches couldn't treat it well, and it was left open. The cut is about 2/3 inches... READ MORE

How do I remove my scars from wrist cuts? (photos)

Have few cuts on my wrist. Not a really deep cut. Its been a month and the color of my cuts are still pretty pinky. How can i remove this scar..? Im... READ MORE

Any options to get rid of these bruises/scars on my shins? (photos)

I cut my shin open a couple times in CrossFit - long story shot, got a staph infection, twice. The antibiotics I took caused further skin irritation... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar from Cutting a Growth Near My Eye. What Can I Do? (photo)

I have this raised scar which I think is a hypertrophic scar as opposed to a keloid, because I haven't seen it grow. 4 months ago I had this... READ MORE

How to get rid of cut marks at upper lips? (photos)

My upper lip area suddenly became dry and later I did upper lip threading... During that time I got some cuts and burning sensation started in my... READ MORE

I've had scars on the corner of my lips for as long as I can remember. Can you tell me what it is and its treatment? (photo)

I have had scars on both the corners of my lips for as long as I can remember and I have used products like Bio Oil and Mederma to no avail. Recently... READ MORE

Raised Scar Removal? (photo)

When I was 18 I got jumped by a gang and the cut me. From those cuts i have gotten raised scars, on my back & chest. Its very hard for me to go... READ MORE

I have cut marks on my hand. Any suggestions for removal? (photos)

Hi, I have cut marks on my hand and I need to get rid of it. Is there any possible to way remove those marks. READ MORE

Scratched my hand with blade. What are my options? (Photo)

When I was in the last year because of tension I scratched my hand with blade.. I thought scars might go like wounds.. but still scars are remaining... READ MORE

Cut marks on hand. Can they be removed completely? What would it cost? (Photo)

Sir myself shruti. I cut my hand with a blade. There is cut marks in my hand. I want to make remove the cut marks completely. I am sending you pic. Of... READ MORE

My Skin Doctor Recommends Cutting the Fibrosis Tissue Under The Scar, is This a Normal Procedure?

I have a white long flat scar above my right eyebrow, it's 3 years old, i got in a car accident! I had some genesis laser done right after the... READ MORE

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