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Keloid Removal - Should I Try Cryosurgery?

I have a chest keloid. I started silicone patching then cortisone injections. It had no effect. I had surgical excision in 2005 with radiation... READ MORE

Does New Intralesional Cryotherapy Treatment for Keloids Work?

This new treatment is being launched in the US by using cryotherapy coupled with a probe to be inserted into the keloid, does this work after one... READ MORE

Is cryotherapy a good option for me? (Photo)

I have a hypertrophic scar on my arm and I already had several scar revisions on it that did not work. I am considering cryotherapy and do not care... READ MORE

Asian female with keloid scars on shoulders and chest from accident 10 years ago, what can help? (photos)

Does anyone specialize in this? My girlfriend has a large keloid on her chest and one on each shoulder from an accident 10 years ago. She is Asian. We... READ MORE

Is cryotherapy the best treatment for keloids? (Photo)

I have a keloid from a burn .A piece of hot coal fell on me 4 years ago. I have a second on from a csection I had in Dec 2015. The doctor even gave me... READ MORE

White scar on nose - cryotherapy?

I am an Asian woman with dark skin. I've got a 6month old white scar on the tip of my nose as a result of a cryotherapy session to remove a persistent... READ MORE

Years of Failed Benign Removal Attempts, Now Created Deep Facial Scar? (photo)

I have been seeing the same dermatologist three or four times a year for three years now. He called these benign growths, and we have attempted... READ MORE

Should a hypertrophic scar be treated using pulse dye laser, cryotherapy and 5fu in one session? (Photo)

I went to a dermatologist for a consult for a scar on my shoulder. He would treat it by using a pulse dyed laser coupled with cryotherapy and 5fu... READ MORE

Use of cryotherapy for keloid scars. (photo)

Hi, I have an hypertrophic scar on my cheast. I have received previous sessions of steroid infiltrations (3 already) and topic cream. My dermatologist... READ MORE

What happens to a keyloid after cryotherapy?

I have a keyloid on my shoulder. I just went to the doctor on Friday and he thought cryotherapy would be best since I'm pregnant. He did freeze it and... READ MORE

I've had a keloid on my chest for last 10 yrs but now it is growing, itchy, and sometimes bleeding occurs.

I have treated on keloid from a dermatologist since last 1 year but there is nothing change and effect on it. I have treated cryo 3 times, some gel... READ MORE

Keloid Too Big for Cryotherapy?

I have a two-inch long keloid on my shoulder from a BCG shot. Is it too large for cryotherapy? It has been treated with 3-4 steroid shots and has... READ MORE

What is the cost of Cryoshape therapy on a 5 cm long, 3 cm raised retroauricular sessile keloid

Bilateral retroauricular keloids right side- 5cm x 3cm left side- 1cm x1cm READ MORE

What is the cost of Cryoshape therapy on a 13 cm long, 12 cm?

Post-auricular 13/12cm keloid. What is the cost of Cryoshape therapy on a 13 cm long, 12 cm left ear post-auricular 13/12cm How much is the cost... READ MORE

Is Cryotherpy the Best Treatment for Removing a Keloid From A Tattoo?

I have a tatoo on my chest. It turned into a Keloid. After receiving cortisore injections, another one appeared. So I stop the treatment. I want to... READ MORE

Jaw line Keloids: Is it possible to get them surgically removed or is there any alternative way to treat them?

Hi, i had my jawline keloids 2 years ago, i tried triam inject+cryotherapy for a year without a good resul, i opt for surgical removal this year on... READ MORE

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