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Belly Button Scar Removal

I got my belly button repierced last May and everything was fine up until like a week ago. A small bump like a pimple formed near it. And I picked it... READ MORE

How to Remove Nose Crater and Stain? (photo)

I pierced my nose about 3 years ago and I've recently outgrown it. I took it out and I am left with a gray stain (which I believe may be Argyria) and... READ MORE

Abscess scars, crater scars. Can anything be done? (Photo)

I was an IV drug user for four years. Clean for 5 this year. Now I have to live with my mistakes, but not just for me to see. They are a fixture for... READ MORE

Would an elipse excision be more discrete for ice pick scars? (photo)

I have had these two ice pick scars for years on my cheek. The multiple laser treatments including fraxel have somewhat smoothed the edges after... READ MORE

I have a mark on my face and small keloid scar on my chest. What are my possible treatment options? (photos)

I got chicken pocks when I was 11 years old. I was never vaccinated against it. It left me with this lovely crater in my face. I feel like I would be... READ MORE

What's the most effective way to remove depressed scar without surgery? (Photo)

Hello, a little more than a year ago I had a mole removed from my forehead. As it healed the skin depressed and is now a crater like scar. It is very... READ MORE

I want to know what treatment I can get done to get rid of all these ice pick scars, craters, and box scars (Photo)

Here is what both of my cheeks look like I'm only gonna show my worster side which is my left side . It looks very disgusting and I don't know where... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the crater scar on my nose? (Photo)

Two years ago I went to a dermatologist to have a small cyst/mole removed from my nose. The dermatologist did a shave biopsy. However, the... READ MORE

What are these bumpy scar looking craters after I get a pimple & how to get rid of them? (Photo)

I always get them after a pimple and they just stay on my face . they look like mini craters and are sometimes brown/black in color but now i got a... READ MORE

What options do you provide for smoothing out/filling in a crater in the bone of my skull after removal of a facial cyst? (photo

About 15 years ago i had a facial cyst removed, located above my lateral right eyebrow. it left behind a bit of a crater in my skull. unfortunately,... READ MORE

Will laser treatment be good to make a crater scar less visible, or dermabrasion, and how much would it cost?

I have a big crater scar on the side of my nose due to mole removal 5 months ago. I was told that the scar Will improve in four months,but it didn't ... READ MORE

Any procedures to help fill in the crater on the side of my nose? (Photos)

I had a mole removed 3 months ago.  I don't care to much about scaring. I would just prefer to not have a crater on my face. READ MORE

I have these crater like holes (or scars) in my face. Is there a way to remove these? (photos)

My barber has told me this is from digging clippers into my face while shaving. I wanted to know if these are possible to get out or are these... READ MORE

I had a transplant of liver, small bowel, & pancreas 18 years ago. What techniques would best remove my surgery scars? (Photo)

I recently had surgical removal of an ulcer and am finally healthy. The recent surgical removal of the ulcer actually decreased the size of one of my... READ MORE

Facial Scars From Chicken Pox That Look Like Craters. What Are My Options For Permanent Removal? (photo)

Hi, i've got a 1 by 1 cm facial scar for close to ten years now plus 2 craters on my forehead from chicken pox. is there an possibility of getting... READ MORE

Purple, crater like scar on bikini line. Is there something I can do to fix this, besides surgery?

I couldnt figure out how to reply to my last question, so i am starting another question!! when i started shaving 'down there' i developed a lump.... READ MORE

How do I get rid of old, purple crater-like scars?

When I was younger I used to suffer from terrible cysts along the groin. These cysts were painful and used to rub and eventually burst under my... READ MORE

My skin went through a transformation with many weird symptoms. I now look 10 years older. What happened?

Dark red circles appeared like spres with a hole in the middle. Healed but still hasnt completly gone away 6 months later. Skin is full of pits half... READ MORE

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