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Do I Need Cortisone Shots Before Keloid Removal?

I have a Keliod on m upper ear, which is caused from a piercing. I just started with the cortisone shot and have to return monthly. After the keliod... READ MORE

Got Cortisone Injection over 2 Years Ago on a Cyst and Still Have the Scar and Discoloration, Options? (photo)

It has been over 2,5 years since i received the cortisone injection on my cheek to reduce a cyst but still have the discoloration and irregular scar... READ MORE

Earlobe Keloid - Treatment Debulk Or Cut It All?

I had my keloid excised before but didn't follow through with after treatment and it grew back bigger. 3 X3. I went to kaiser today and my doctor... READ MORE

UPPER LIP SCAR REVISION: WHAT CAN BE DONE? My upper lip scarred after a burn. Cortisone shots did not improve the scar. (photos)

I went to a plastic surgeon for a consultation. The biggest part of the ( burn) scar is approximately in the middle of my upper lip. The rest of the... READ MORE


I have 5 keloids, 2 inch long each. I have tried cortisone injections, laser treatment and liquid nitrogen spray. Once the cortisone treatment is stop... READ MORE

Does skin atrophy from cortisone injection heal? (Photo)

I had a keloid in my jaw that was treated with 3 cortisone injections, the last one 8 months ago, will the area heal or it will stay like these... READ MORE

Cortisone kenalog injection for scar tissue fibrosis

I have developed really thick internal fibrosis after 2 scar revision on my forehead. The second surgery was meant to remove the fibrosis lump but the... READ MORE

Can One Shot Reduce the Scar Tissue on my Entire Inner Thigh and my Entire Underarm? (photo)

Are Multiple Shots Needed in One Sitting? I received cortisone shots to my underarms and inner thighs for hard scar tissue. My doctor injected only... READ MORE

Scar on penis from laser hair removal! Worried about cortisone injections. Area sensitive. Tried products but made worse. Help!

I had a pre-existing anatomical scar on the base of my penis. Laser hair removal burned the area. After healing the flat scar is now raised. My derm... READ MORE

How to remove or lighten Bug bites scars? (photos)

I got 2 bug bites over 8 months ago. After using cortisone cream OTC the itching had gone, but left me with 2 small round scars. I went to see a... READ MORE

How can I get rid of this dark scar? (Photo)

I had the worst cystic pimple for a month and a half. I went to the dermatologist and the dermatologist shrunk it with a cortisone shot but now I have... READ MORE

I got a hypertrophic scar from my piercing. Would a cortisone or steroid injection help? (Photo)

Would a cortisone or steroid injection help? It has been 3 months and there is little progress. READ MORE

Does this look like a keloid scar? Will cortisone injections work? (photos)

This scar on my leg was formed due to picking an ingrown hair. It looks like a keloid scar to me and hasn't reduced in 2 years. Will cortisone... READ MORE

I had a cortisone injection to a large cyst between my eyes four months ago and was left with a large area of atrophy. (photo)

I saw my derm about a month ago and she said that she thinks the scar will improve over more time. She mentioned filler is an option in the meantime,... READ MORE

Best way to minimize or eliminate my forehead vertical scar ? (Photos)

At 3 years old I trip and fell against a metal framed door resulting in a nasty vertical scar in my forehead. Now at 23 years old I performed scar... READ MORE

I Have a 2nd or 3rd Degree Burn That is a Year Old, Which Blisters and Requires Cortisone Cream and the Scar is Ugly? (photo)

A year ago I received a burn the size of a quarter. It blistered and my skin came off immediately. The gaping wound closed on its own a month later... READ MORE

Is it possible that healed keloids (flattens with cortisone injection) may return after few months without having injection?

I had four keloids, two on my chest and two on my pubic area. My dermatologist injected cortisone ine them once a month for 5 months. Two months ago,... READ MORE

3mos post cesarean. Part of scar has been stapled to abdomen muscle. Very painful.What kind of surgeon/procedure is best?(photo)

Cesarean for triplet birth 3 mnths ago. Was stapled closed quickly as spinal was wearing off. Part of scar has been stapled to my abdomen muscle -... READ MORE

Can this scar tissue/indentation be corrected on my abdomen from 2 year old Liposuction? (photos)

I still have this bump on my stomach from liposuction perhaps due to a seroma or hemotoma after surgery. I tried very hard to make the bump go down... READ MORE

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