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Treatments for Hyperpigmented Scars?

Is there something I can use to remove hyperpigmented scars and/or return skin to its natural color? I am an African American female, fairly light... READ MORE

Can I Use Mederma in Day Time and Silicone Sheet at Night for a New Scar?

I have a linear a little raised scar on my lower cheek. It was resulted from laser and formed recently. I dont know whether silicone sheet or mederma... READ MORE

Raised Mole Removal: How Can I Remove the Scar?

I had a mole removed in the office of a general practicioner 21 years ago when I was a teen. I have a raised scar that is white but ugly. Since that... READ MORE

Earlobe Keloid - Treatment Debulk Or Cut It All?

I had my keloid excised before but didn't follow through with after treatment and it grew back bigger. 3 X3. I went to kaiser today and my doctor... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Sternotomy Hypertrophic Small Scars Kenalog or Depo Metrol Injections?

I had heart (sternotomy) surgery a couple of years ago, since then I developped 3 small keloid - hypertrophic scars. Which in your view, would be the... READ MORE

How can I heal these scars? (Photo)

Hey what cream should I take? in my country there are just scar zone ,Jomelop e,Aloe vera, Contratubex ? what of this cream could help? READ MORE

What Treatments Are There to Remove Scars from Sports Injuries?

What is the best laser to use for removal of body scars? These are an "accumulation" of scars I've achieved over a lifetime of sports...many on my... READ MORE

Scar on face due to dog bite: Pulse dye laser in 6 weeks or wait 3 months for laser treatment? (Photo)

Some doctors have recommended to have pulse dye laser in 4 weeks, that would help with redness. In the other hand, they say its better to wait at... READ MORE

Atrophic Cheek Scar: Laser Peel + Profractional or HA Filler? (Photo)

On my right cheek I have a very small ice pick acne scar (which I may have excised) and a 5mm atrophic scar from a lesion removal that I HATE. Not a... READ MORE

I have a scar on my face. What's the best option for me: steroid injections or excision? (Photo)

Should I try to use steroid injections or excision to get rid of this keloid. I'm looking to get this process done soon but plastic surgeons that I... READ MORE

Scar revision vs kenalog injections? (Photo)

When I was 8, I fell and bumped my head. I had a bump top left forehead. I then had it removed when I was 18. Over time the initial scar healed, but... READ MORE

What is best treatment for these hypertrophic acne scars? (Photo)

've been struggling with acne for a while now and recently decided to seek professional treatment. I have tried retin a, clindamycin, BP, salicylic... READ MORE

How does Scarlight MD compare to pulse dye lasers and CO2 lasers for lightening keloid scars?

My keloids have been treated with kengalog injections and they have now gone flat. My next step would be purely cosmetic. How does a over the counter... READ MORE

Does my scar need plastic surgery or laser treatment? (Photo)

I got this scar about two years ago after some kind of pimple on it and it leaves a scar. The scar become after when I pop that pimple and it look... READ MORE

What will be the best scar removal treatment? (Photo)

I am 20 years old now. I had this scar on my forehead and on my nose. I feel terrible everytime i look into the mirror. I dont know which treatment i... READ MORE

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