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What Can Be Done About Depressed Facial Scar?

I've been using Tretenoin but seems doesn't work. I think it had worsen the scar. It has an active ingredient for producing more collagen on the skin.... READ MORE

How Does Kenalog Work? Does It Actually Destroy Collagen?

I developed hypertrophic inframammary scars from bilateral breast lift. Kenalog was injected a few times, but my scars did not respond to treatment as... READ MORE

Are Saline Injections Effective for Acne Scarring?

I live in Los Angeles (90042). I understand that saline injections are effective for subcutaneous acne scarring. Apparently the saline destroys the... READ MORE

Ultrasound therapy for breaking down scar tissue?

I have a scarred mentalis muscle that wrinkles upon contracture. Ultrasound therapy was indicated to me to help break down the scar tissue and improve... READ MORE

How do I get rid of this 7 year old hypertrophic scar or reduce collagen build up in that particular area?

I have a hypertrophic scar for 7 yrs. now in the beginning I just tattooed right over it and tried to ignore it. Just recently I received my Drs. help... READ MORE

How to get rid of facial scars? (photos)

As you can see from the pictures u have several small and larger, deep scars mainly around my lower face. I have had several chemical peels, a few... READ MORE

Marionette line, scar, sagging? (Photos)

A couple of months ago I suddenly notice this on my right side. At the beginning I thought it was a marionette line but when I look close enough it... READ MORE

Does dermal graft work for deep rolling scars and boxcar scars?

18year boy with Asian skin,I have some deep rolling scars and boxcar scars with active doctor always recommend a chemical peel for these deep... READ MORE

Non surgical answer for PDO threads fibrosis at dermis level?

Back to the same question. Sorry for being repetitive. Post pdo ftc absorbable threads, I look very strange. Lately on examination, it has come up... READ MORE

How to remove depressed scar on my nose bridge? (photos)

I want to get rid of this scar. When I was 5 years old I cut my nose with an aluminium plate two times in same place. My septum was deviated. I... READ MORE

How to get rid of eczema scars? I am currently 24 years living with white scars on my foot and want to get rid of it.

When I was 4 years old my babysitter when behind my parents back and uses paraffin on my eczema scars. I have visited so many doctors and nothing... READ MORE

Burn Scar Reduction?

Hi am 22 years old .Accidentally i met with hot water burn on my foot . I went near plastic surgeon immediately and I was treated with collagen .... READ MORE

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