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Removing Lump of Internal Scar Tissue

Hi, I have some internal scare tissue on my chin. The outside of my chin looks ok but there is a lump of semi hard tissue underneath my skin that I'd... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of a Stretched Pore or Pore Scar

Hi. I have an enlarged pore on my chin. It will not go away and looks worse with make up on. There doesnt seem to be anything inside of it, just a... READ MORE

Is Laser Surgery on Hypertrophic Scars Recommended?

I have a red, raised scar on my chin (partially faded) and I was wondering if it's recommended to have Laser treatment and if so what are the side... READ MORE

Best Way to Remove White Scar?

I have a scar from a wound, which regretfully I did not get it stitched. It has left a round, white scar on my chin. Would I need a surgical scar... READ MORE

My Daughter Has Facial Scars from Accidents a Year Ago, What Would be the Best Treatment for Her? (photo)

My daughter has facial scars from accidents a year ago. She is only 8 years old, but being a girl, with her self-conscious years ahead, I thought she... READ MORE

When is It Best to Start Laser Scar Removal?

My thirteen year old daugter fell three weeks ago and cut her chin and received 4 stitches. The wound seems to be healing nicely, but I am concerned... READ MORE

Solution for Stiff Facial Scars After Injury?

I was in a bike accident 4 weeks ago and injured my face, jaw, and teeth. Above my upper lip up to my nostril, a nickel sized piece of tissue was... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Scars on Chin and Neck from Shaving and Plucking?

I have scars on my chin and neck from plucking and shaving ( I am african american). Is there a way to remove the scarring on my neck and chin? I have... READ MORE

Raised and Red Scar from Abscess on Chin? (photo)

One month ago, I had an abscess on my chin caused by cellulitis. I took antibiotics and the doctor laced and drained it. The infection is gone and... READ MORE

Fillers for Atrophic Scar on Chin?

I have developed an atrophic scar from a corticosteroid injection. While I am waiting for it to resolve, is there a temporary dermal filler (like... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Hypertrophic Chin Scar Revision?

I am a general physician and suffered a laceration to my right chin 5 weeks ago. I was struck on chin with a squash racquet. My colleague, an ER... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar from Abscess on Chin?

3 and a half weeks ago, I had an abscess on my chin caused by cellulitis. I took antibiotics and the doctor laced and drained it. The cellulitis is... READ MORE

I burnt my chin with a 200°c curling iron. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Around 15 hours ago I accidentally burnt my chin with a 200°c iron. I have applied burning aid (after 5/6 hours, sadly) and now the scar is greyish, ... READ MORE

Scar Revision Techniques?

I have two scars near my mouth and chin area which are the result of a traumatic injury when I was younger. As you can see, the smaller scar is... READ MORE

What is the Best Option to Remove Wide Flat Horizontal Scar?

I had a revision done 4 years ago. The skin where the scar lies is thinner than the surrounding skin. READ MORE

Treatment for 2-year Old Hypertrophic Scars?

I hv 3 small 2-yr old hypertrophic scars on my chin. They'r originally small bumpy acne scars. After a yr of the acne scar, I had a treatment to... READ MORE

What can I do naturally to help this scar to look better, heal better, etc. any info will help? (photos)

I have a very raised red and white scar on my chin due to an injury I got about 2 months ago give it take. By the time i got to the doctors , i was... READ MORE

Scar Removal For Trauma on Bottom of My Chin? (photo)

I suffered trauma to my bottom chin from a bad fall. The scar is raised.I first got a kenalog injection,and the scar went completely flat.Then,my scar... READ MORE

I wax my chin& upper lip. I'm shock the result it makes me feel depressed for what I've done because its my 1st time. (photo)

Do i need to make an appointment to the doctor ? How many days it can heal ? What medicine can apply to this ? READ MORE

Scar Revision Under Chin?

I'm looking for a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles who can revise the scar under my chin. My chin looks big because of the way the scar is and I'm... READ MORE

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