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What Scar Treatment Options are there for Toddlers?

My toddler fell on the coffee table in January, and had paper stitches to secure the wounnd. However, she has been left with a small indented scar... READ MORE

Pediatric Dermatologist Vs Pediatric Plastic Surgeon and Scar Treatment

My 2 year old daughter fell and hit her forehead 7 weeks ago on a sharp edge of our bed. The cut ran from above her nose just into her eyebrow line.... READ MORE

5 Year Old Child and Scar Revision on Forehead - Now or Later? (photo)

My 5yo tripped and fell into a corner 8 months ago, splitting her forehead fairly deeply. We took her to the ER and she received 12 stitches. The... READ MORE

My Daughter Has Facial Scars from Accidents a Year Ago, What Would be the Best Treatment for Her? (photo)

My daughter has facial scars from accidents a year ago. She is only 8 years old, but being a girl, with her self-conscious years ahead, I thought she... READ MORE

Small Bump on Lip 4 Months After Removal of Stitches, What Can Be Done?

Hello. My 3 year old daughter cut her bottom lip 4 months and got a few small stitches. A few weeks after removal she had a small bump in her lip. Dr... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of my Burn Scar on my Toddler? (photo)

My toddler about 3 years old pulled the hot iron and got it on his forehead, he then got several burn scars, It healed more or less okay, however in... READ MORE

At What Age Can I Child Receive Scar Revision on His Cheek?

A year ago my baby at 8 months got a puncture on his cheek. I tried to get a plastic surgeon but the hospital would not call one. I let the er doc... READ MORE

How to Treat a Scar on Forehead of 17 Month Old? (photo)

My son fell 3 weeks ago and had a bump and cut. I was putting on vaseline to stop a scab, however one formed anyway. The scar fell off and now it... READ MORE

Pediatric Scar Revision? (photo)

My son fell on some furniture when he was around 1 years old that left a scar on his nose. He's 2.5 years now and we want to explore the options... READ MORE

Any Possible Treatment for Depressed/indented Facial Scars on Children Under 5? (photo)

My son took a nasty fall and cut his cheek. It didn't look deep enough to warrant an ER visit so we bandaged him up with some neosporin and bandaids.... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for scar on his forehead in a child aged five years? (Photo)

My 4 year-old suffered a fall deep hitting his forehead with the back of a chair 11 months ago. Stitches were removed on the 6 day. We have dealt... READ MORE

Should I See a Plastic Surgeon...or Wait to See How It Heals?

My 3 yo son hit his forehead on a rock, leaving a 1cm vertical cut. Went to urgent care and dr gave three sutures. Keeping it covered with bacitracin.... READ MORE

Will a Small Dog Ear at One End of a Forehead Scar Resolve with Time?

My 5 year old daughter had a forehead scar revision 6 weeks ago, it's healing nicely. She has developed a small dog ear (2mm wide) at one end of the... READ MORE

Follow-up question with additional photo regarding scar with edges not well approximated on forehead of 3-yr-old.

We are extremely disappointed with this 3 wk. old scar! We will use silicone sheets and sunscreen to help. When the scar is mature, will it be just a... READ MORE

Need an Average Pricing for Scar Removal on a Childs Forehead, a Small Scar from a Fall.

Need an Average Pricing for Scar Removal on a Childs Forehead, a Small Scar from a Fall. READ MORE

What Am I to Do with my Son's Indented Facial Scar? (photo)

6 mo's ago my 6 yr old son scraped his face from mouth to outer cheekbone. Took him to ER, scape was shallow and split in two small areas along... READ MORE

BCG Innoculation Scar Treatment Options for 2 Yr Old?

My 2yr old little girl has a terrible scar from her bcg innoculation at birth. It formed a "hole" on her upper arm and also a scar in the... READ MORE

Copper Peptide Serum on a Child?

Hi! My 5 yo daughter got bitten by a dog 3 months ago, and I've been applying Palmer's scar serum on her since then. The scar is not not too obvious... READ MORE

When Skin is Lacerated to Fatty Tissue on Face What is the Right Treatment of the Wound?

My son 3yrs was lacerated by finger nails to fatty tissue on cheek bone. 2 scars 1.5 cm long x 2mm wide 0.5cm by 3mm. Wound closed within 48hrs.... READ MORE

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