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Itching and Painful Keloids - Treatment?

I have keloids on my back, chest and cheek. They all between 5 and 10years old they are large and raised.And are still continuing to get larger. They... READ MORE

How to Remove Scars from Staph Infection? (photo)

I got a really bad staph infection while pregnant with my son. I have scars all over my legs, chest and a few on my arms. Im getting married in... READ MORE

Silicone Gel Sheets or Liquid Gel for Keloid Scars?

I have two scars on my chest that were diagnosed to be of the keloid scar family. One is the size of a tic tac and I have received cortisone... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Old White Hot Water Burn Scar?

So I was accidentally scalded by hot water when I was about 6 months old. I'm 18 years old now and I still have scarring on my chest/upper arm and... READ MORE

Best Keloid Removal Treatment for Chest and Back?

I would like to know what the best treatment is to get rid of keloids? I have a lot of keloid scars on my chest and back. I tried the steroid shots... READ MORE

Can a Scar from Heart Surgery Be Made Smaller?

I had heart surgery last April. I'm 42 years old and the scar is small from the top but huge at the bottom. What can be done to minimize this scar and... READ MORE

Removing Keloid from Left from Sebaceous Cyst

I'm an African American female. I had a sebaceous cyst removed from chest area 3 years ago. It was 1 and 1/2 in. An itchy keloid developed and... READ MORE

Scar Removal or Fading After Mole Removal on Chest?

I have a scar on my chest from a mole that I had tried to remove using BIO-T. The mark that is left now is about three or 4 times the size of the... READ MORE

I Have a Keloid on my Chest and Shoulder, and I Want Them off What Can I Do?

I have a keloid on my chest and shoulder and I wanted to,know how to get them removed...please help READ MORE

Liquid Nitrogen for Keloid Treatment?

I've been doing research regarding keloid scars. I have heard of injecting Liquid Nitrogen-scar surface is minimally injured while only the deep scar... READ MORE

How to Remove Teeth Mark Scar from my Body? (photo)

I got into a fight with a friend and he bit me on my body, it is right under my pec and everytime i take my shirt off, it is very noticeable! This... READ MORE

Keloid Removal On Chest? (photo)

Hello I've had keloid scarring on my chest area (pecs) for the last 2-3 years. I've had several shots of kenalog and it definitely does seem to... READ MORE

Is There a Corrective Procedure for Rectangle Scars Caused from IPL Laser Burns?

2 years ago (8/08) I had IPL laser treatment to remove freckling on my chest at a "Medical Spa". The tech. apparently did NOT know what she... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Acne Scar on Upper Chest?

I have a scar on my chest that developed after the acne went away. The scar gets really itchy and red at times, and is really uncomfortable. I've... READ MORE

DMSO or Preparation H for Keloid Treatment?

I have a large keloidsd on my chest, face, back, legs, arms, and breasts. They get infected with boils and are very painful. I take meds for the... READ MORE

Severe Chest and Back Acne Scars Treatment?

I am 49 years old and I have severe scarring on my chest and back from acne as a teenager and into my 20's. I have blackheads, keloid scarring and... READ MORE

Is Keloid Injection Cost on a Per-keloid Basis or Per-appointment Basis?

I have several keloids in a cluster on my chest. I've been trying Cordran tape, but it's such a hassle and hasn't been working very quickly at all.... READ MORE

Keloid on the Chest (photo)

I have a keloid on my chest and have seeked help but all docs i have seen recommend only injections. Can someone give me different advise other than... READ MORE

Keloid Removal for 15 Year Old?

Can a 15 year old get plastic surgery to get keloid in the neck / chest area removed? READ MORE

How to Remove, or Reduce Scald Burns?

At 17 months old, I scalded my chest with boiling water. The chest had areas of first, second, and third degree burning. After the scald I was in and... READ MORE

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