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Chemical burn from using ACV (apple cider vinegar) on face? (Photos)

Okay, so I used diluted ACV with only 5% acidity for seborrheic dermatitis (SD) natural remedy but maybe I used too much. I used two cotton pads but... READ MORE

Chemical burn with nail polish remover. Any suggestions?

I had a cold sore on my face, which I had removed with nail polish remover, now I have a chemical burn on my face how do I get rid of it? It has been... READ MORE

How can I remove scars on my legs after shaving? (Photo)

I have tried many scars creams and gels but nothing worked for me. I'm too desperate and conscious about my legs now. Can I try chemical peeling to... READ MORE

What type of surgery or cream should I get to remove these scars and bumps from shaving? (Photo)

I have these really bad scars from shaving down there and I want them to go away. I feel so uncomfortable and embarrassed especially when I wear a... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Burn Scars on Cheeks: What are my Options? (Photos)

I have two burn scars as a result of bad chemical peels that are very noticable. I have tried most of all topical solutions from neosporin, bio oil,... READ MORE

What can I do to minimize scar on my breast? (photos)

I had a flat mole on my breast about size of a pea. I saw a home remedy for getting rid of moles with Apple cider vinegar and tried it. It scabbed... READ MORE

How can I treat these red pierced scars on face? (photo)

I was suffering from clogged and inflammed pores (folliculitis) and some acne for over a year. All the bumps have gone but left me with these big open... READ MORE

Best treatment for shiny, wrinkled scar? (Photo)

I burnt my cheek with a chemical peel about four months ago. It resulted in a discolored, extremely shiny (almost metallic like) scar. What is the... READ MORE

What treatment do you suggest for those type of scars? (Photo)

I already did 2 fraxel laser, 2 smooth chemical peel, 1 rejuvenation. I do filling with hyaluronic acid from time to time...I'd appreciate an input! READ MORE

Chemical burn on nose. Would hydrocortisone 1% help at all?

Hello, I had watched a lady on a YouTube video using baking soda and toothpaste on her nose with a tooth rush to get rid of blackheads. I tried this... READ MORE

I have got a concentrated sulphuric acid burn on face weeks ago, how can I completely remove this burn mark from my face?

The two burn marks are beside my eye.. I have applied an antibacterial ointment intially for 1st 2weeks..but the round brown coloured marks are still... READ MORE

I had a chemical burn in my chin. Can you helped me what is the best medicine can removed this burn in my chin? (photo)

Before i used chemical product on my face to remove all the scars and pimples. After that i felt erritates on my chin and it become redness, so i... READ MORE

How do I get rid of scar/texture on nasolabial fold? (Photo)

I've had this scar on my nasolabial fold since July 2015. I think it may be a result from popping a pimple, but I'm not sure. I've gotten juvaderm... READ MORE

Scarred, clogged & enlarged pores on breasts? (Photos)

Good day.Since I was a teenager and I'm 35 now I had horrible habit squeezing tiny pores on my breasts and over 20 years I ended up with scarred... READ MORE

Nose Discolouration and Spots Refuse to Go Even After 3 Years?

I'm a man. 3 years ago I went for a facial massage and this trainee by mistake used some chemical and a machine on my face that left one bad scar on... READ MORE

Can I use tri-luma cream for chemical burn scars?

Hi, Can I use tri-luma cream for chemical burn scars? READ MORE

I had a TCA peel which left a scar. What can be done to return the normal appearance of my skin? (Photo)

Awhile ago to did a tca peel that left a scar between my eyebrows. Although though the appearance of the scar can gone down using bleaching cream for... READ MORE

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