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Chemical burn with nail polish remover. Any suggestions?

I had a cold sore on my face, which I had removed with nail polish remover, now I have a chemical burn on my face how do I get rid of it? It has been... READ MORE

Chemical burn from using ACV (apple cider vinegar) on face? (Photos)

Okay, so I used diluted ACV with only 5% acidity for seborrheic dermatitis (SD) natural remedy but maybe I used too much. I used two cotton pads but... READ MORE

How can I remove scars on my legs after shaving? (Photo)

I have tried many scars creams and gels but nothing worked for me. I'm too desperate and conscious about my legs now. Can I try chemical peeling to... READ MORE

What type of surgery or cream should I get to remove these scars and bumps from shaving? (Photo)

I have these really bad scars from shaving down there and I want them to go away. I feel so uncomfortable and embarrassed especially when I wear a... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Burn Scars on Cheeks: What are my Options? (Photos)

I have two burn scars as a result of bad chemical peels that are very noticable. I have tried most of all topical solutions from neosporin, bio oil,... READ MORE

What can I do to minimize scar on my breast? (photos)

I had a flat mole on my breast about size of a pea. I saw a home remedy for getting rid of moles with Apple cider vinegar and tried it. It scabbed... READ MORE

How can I treat these red pierced scars on face? (photo)

I was suffering from clogged and inflammed pores (folliculitis) and some acne for over a year. All the bumps have gone but left me with these big open... READ MORE

What treatment do you suggest for those type of scars? (Photo)

I already did 2 fraxel laser, 2 smooth chemical peel, 1 rejuvenation. I do filling with hyaluronic acid from time to time...I'd appreciate an input! READ MORE

Best treatment for shiny, wrinkled scar? (Photo)

I burnt my cheek with a chemical peel about four months ago. It resulted in a discolored, extremely shiny (almost metallic like) scar. What is the... READ MORE

Chemical burn on nose. Would hydrocortisone 1% help at all?

Hello, I had watched a lady on a YouTube video using baking soda and toothpaste on her nose with a tooth rush to get rid of blackheads. I tried this... READ MORE

I had a chemical burn in my chin. Can you helped me what is the best medicine can removed this burn in my chin? (photo)

Before i used chemical product on my face to remove all the scars and pimples. After that i felt erritates on my chin and it become redness, so i... READ MORE

How do I get rid of scar/texture on nasolabial fold? (Photo)

I've had this scar on my nasolabial fold since July 2015. I think it may be a result from popping a pimple, but I'm not sure. I've gotten juvaderm... READ MORE

How to make chemical burn on lip heal faster? (Photo)

I had some dental etch(37% phosphoric acid) spilled on my lip. Next day it turned into very dry yellow scab. Is there a way to help it heal faster? I... READ MORE

Nose Discolouration and Spots Refuse to Go Even After 3 Years?

I'm a man. 3 years ago I went for a facial massage and this trainee by mistake used some chemical and a machine on my face that left one bad scar on... READ MORE

Can I use tri-luma cream for chemical burn scars?

Hi, Can I use tri-luma cream for chemical burn scars? READ MORE

I had a TCA peel which left a scar. What can be done to return the normal appearance of my skin? (Photo)

Awhile ago to did a tca peel that left a scar between my eyebrows. Although though the appearance of the scar can gone down using bleaching cream for... READ MORE

Bleach chemical burn on face. What's the best over the counter medicine? (Photo)

I got hair dye on my face and it wouldn't come out so I used bleach to try and get it out. It looks as though there's a chemical burn now. What's the... READ MORE

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