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What is the Best Way to Remove a Lip Lesion in Corner of Mouth? I Had Angular Cheilitis Years Ago? (photo)

I'm not sure if it is a scar from angular cheilitis (was never diagnosed with this and my doctor said it's probably not) years ago but I've had this... READ MORE

Post Opp Swelling in Upper Lip After Scar Tissue Removed, What Can I Do?

I had some remaining amount of lymphatic malformation and older scar tisse removed from inside my upper lip. It's been just over 2 months post opp... READ MORE

Removal of Scar on Leg Cause Due to Fungal Infection?

Is there any cream that I can use for the fungal scar READ MORE

Puckering above scar on face (photo)

I have a scar ony face that is 2.5 years old.  It is due to trauma where I received a facial laceration amd required stitches.  Suprisingly... READ MORE

How to clear scarring caused by self injury on nose and return it to its original shape? (Photo)

Over the years the pores became more active. It was so bad that I used an extraction tool every-other day. Next time there would be even more sebum.... READ MORE

Scar which was successfully removed came back after two years

I had a scar on my cheek from a hit, which appeareance was significantly improved (it was pretty much gone) after 3 laser sessions. This was about 2... READ MORE

How can I remove this scar? Would INVICIBLE scar cream work on this type of scar? (Photo)

I have a scar right below my collar bone from an allergic reaction of a necklace I had as a child (this is believed to be the cause although not sure)... READ MORE

I get shallow atrophic scars (?) on my face. Why do I get them? (photo)

In the last 3 months I've gotten what you see in the image attached. I don't know what they really are, but this image I found is very accurate. Mine... READ MORE

I have a scar that's been appearing on my forehead since September 2014. What is it? (Photo)

I have a dark scare that's been appearing mostly on my forehead, my chin,my nose since September 2014.It started out light now it's thicker it doesn't... READ MORE

How do I remove scars caused by OCD related skin-picking? (Photos)

How do I remove scars cause by OCD related skin picking? Will microneedling fix it? I want the scars completely gone! Laser? Any home procedure that... READ MORE

Any suggestions on what else to do and why this happened? (Photo)

I had my plastic surgery revision last year in June 2016. Parts of my scar came out good but there's one part that still red and in code up looks like... READ MORE

Doc recommend that I get scar revision done twice . What is the reason for this? And if I get it lasered would it help? (photo)

I got a fall last august 2016. I got glass in my right cheek, a cyst developed under the scar tissue and formed a lump. I got scar revision april 2017... READ MORE

Is there a cream that will help reduce the look of scars from scabs? (photo)

Over the past 5 months, I wake up in the middle of the night scratching may arms. I have scratched them until they are now scars. I have tried to... READ MORE

I Got my Nose Pierced and I Wanted to Know if This is a Keloid or Just Scar Tissue?

I Got my Nose Pierced and I Wanted to Know if Tis is a Keloid or Just Scar Tissue READ MORE

A depression or dent on my nose. Why did this happen and what can I do to get rid of it?

I woke up one morning and a dent had appeared on the bridge of my nose overnight. There was no pimple present skin was actually good the... READ MORE

I have developed scars on my scalp. Don't know where they came from and what caused them

I started off getting bumps on my head and they itched terribly. I scratched them because they itched so bad. When I went to dermatologist the told me... READ MORE

Can doctors tell what scars are from easily? (Photo)

Can doctors tell how someone received a scar from looking at it? What would you say this scar is from? READ MORE

What is the cause of it and what could be done to fix/remove my scars & heal my new current inflammations? (Photo)

I've had really bad skin issues for many years (since middle school). Based on the picture, what is the cause of it and what could be done to fix and... READ MORE

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