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What Can I Do About a Large Keloid 1 Year Post C-section?

I have had 2 c-sections, both formed painful keloid scars. During my second c-section the doctor tried several different techniques to prevent new... READ MORE

How Much Vertical C-section Scar Can I Remove? (photo)

I'm 2 yrs after final C-section (low transverse-pfannenstiel) & later: midline scar). I really don't want a hip to hip scar. My priority, in... READ MORE

Possible to Have Vertical C-section Scar Revised to Bikini Line?

I had my first child vertical c-section in 2002 bacause of placenta previa. For my second child in 2007 my scar was then again reopened.I  have... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Keloid Removal from C-section?

My scar tissue has become very painful over the past 5 years causing severe back and abdominal pain due to scar tissue.Would this be considered... READ MORE

Help with Scar on Baby's Face from C-section?

My daughter was cut on her face during my C-section. The scar looks inside out (under the skin). What can be done to lessen the appearance? Can I bill... READ MORE

C-Section Scar Revision- What's The Cost? Is Surgery My Only Option?

I have a C-Section scar that is crooked, too high and is indented in some areas. Im 5'3" & 105 lbs. The scar is now 9 mon old. Its very... READ MORE

What Type of Surgeon Do I Need for Internal Keloids from Scarring Since Having my 3 C -section?

I have had 3 sections, an appendectomy and Tubal ligation. Now I have developed internal jellies that a causing me severe pain on my cesearean scar. I... READ MORE

Vertically C-section Made in Cuba 6 Years Ago. Was Told That Lipo is the Only Option? (photo)

I had a c-section in Cuba 6 years ago. They did it vertically. I want to remove it but the plastic surgeon I saw told me there is nothing else to do... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Remove/lessen a Vertical Webbed Scar at Top at Pubic Line?

My c-section scar is webbed scar at the crease /groin due to being overweight at 38 15 years ago - sitting while nursing. I didn't realize this... READ MORE

Scar Revision? What would you recommend to help repair damage. (photo)

I had to have a vertical c section due to placental abruption. What would you recommend to help repair damage. READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend to remove c section scar? (photos)

I'm a new mom& i had c section for the 1st time but i feel really upset because of that ugly scar :( pls give me a solution ! what can i do to remove... READ MORE

I had a c-section/hysterectomy due to placenta accreta. What steps do I take to remove this unsightly incision/scar? (photo)

How soon after surgery should I begin to actively try and get rid of the scar from incision for best results? What kind of procedure would get rid of... READ MORE

Scar Revision Anxious For Results? (photo)

I had a c-section scar revision and I am anxious to see my final outcome. I didn't receive to much information in regards to aftercare besides don't... READ MORE

My Dermatologist Stated That I Have a Large Cyst on my C Section Scar and She Referral Me to See a Plastic Surgeon?

If I get the cyst remove what are the chance of it coming back .. Do I quality or a panniculectomy.. What doctor take ghi employer is NYC NYPD. READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover?

During my last pregnancy (#4) I had a muscle tear along my hip where old scar tissue from C-sections were (this ended up being my 4th c section)... READ MORE

What would you recommend to reduce or remove scar I had for 17 years? (photos)

Hello I was e-mailing to ask you is there a way I can reduce or remove this scar with a special cream. I had this scar for my whole life from a... READ MORE

I'm pregnant with twins and was adamant about getting a cesarean. Will I have a noticeable scar after the c-section?

Will it be noticeable when I get a Brazilian wax? Is there treatment? Will I be able to get the scar removed with laser removal? How big is it? READ MORE

Keloid Developed After C-section and Keloid Removal

This is the problem now it has turned into a large indention with paper thin skin. The doctor removed it while she was in surgery for her c section.... READ MORE

Can an Injection be Made into Incision Site Internally During C-Section to Prevent Adhesions? Or Will it be Done Later On?

Hi, I am pregnant and will be scheduled for my second c-section. Someone had mentioned to me that there is a drug product that can be injected into... READ MORE

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