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How to Remove Old, Dark Scars from Bug Bites?

What can I use to help fade old, dark scars all over my legs? They were from bug bites. I have tried Bio-Oil and Scarlight, but it only faded a little... READ MORE

How to Remove Dark Spots Quick (Like 3 Months?) (photo)

So these spots are caused by mosquito bites, after they get itchy, then it leaves a dark spot. im wondering is there is any kind of cream that could... READ MORE

How To Remove Bug Bite Scars From Legs?

I have two red pea sized bumps on each leg resembling a fresh bug bite. I am being told that they are bug bite scars. They appeared there after a trip... READ MORE

How Do I Remove These Deep Leg Scars That Have Been Around for 5 Years Now? (photo)

I have scars on both my legs. The scars were caused by scratching mosquito bites when I was young, and now they have become so bad and dark. The scars... READ MORE

How Can I Make my Scars Less Visible?

I've got all types of scars caused by mosquito bites mostly on my legs. They are both darker and lighter than my complexion (light mediterranean).... READ MORE

What Are my Best Options for Lessening the Appearance of my Scars? (photo)

I went on a camping trip in 6th grade. Even after applying bug repellant multiple times a day I still managed to bring fleas home. The fleas left many... READ MORE

I have dark spots caused by bed bug bites. How can I remove the dark spots?

I was bitten by bed bugs a year ago, as a results the bug bites left ugly black spots. READ MORE

I'm 24 yrs old and recently had an intense flea infestation at home and now I can't see my legs without crying. Help? (photos)

I would like to know if there is any way my legs can ever look normal again, and if so, how? The bites have healed but horrible scarring is all over... READ MORE

Will Creams Help Bug Bite Scars?

I have a lot of bug bite scars.... what can I do to get rid of them? I've been rubbing aloe vera on them for the past few days.. from the actual... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Remove Many Pea-size Scars Within 3 Months? (photo)

I've had a huge problem with scaring easily. It doesn't help that I got bitten quite a bit by bugs. I have Asian skin and I also stay out of the sun.... READ MORE

How Much It Would Cost to Remove Mosquito Bite Scars and What is the Best Procedure to Remove Them? (photo)

Since I i already had these mosquito bite scars. I can't wear skirts, dress or shorts. I lost my confidence from all these scars. I'm just hoping... READ MORE

Does Laser Treatment Work for Mosquito Bite Scars?

I have scars/dark spots all over my legs. They're flat scars. I got them since I was young.hoping there's a best way to remove or atleast lighten them... READ MORE

I Have a Brown Recluse Spider Bite Scar on my Cheek? (photo)

I just started looking into scar removal but, this scar gives me very bad memories thats why i'm looking into scar removal. The scar on my cheek... READ MORE

I'm a 27, female, Chinese. I have very fair skin. I have a lot of scars from bug bites. How do I get rid of them? (photos)

Also, I read that one remedy for bug bites is Clorox Bleach. Unfortunately, after leaving it for about 5 minutes with a cotton ball, it left me with... READ MORE

Are 3 Year Old Scars Considered Old? And What Are my Options for Removing Them?

I went on a camping trip in 6th grade. Even after applying bug repellant multiple times a day I still managed to bring fleas home. The fleas left many... READ MORE

How Do I Remove Dark Scars? African Girl, 19. (photo)

I have scarring from mosquito bites all over my legs and though I was told by parents and people older that they would disappear over time, the... READ MORE

Can These Scars On My Legs Be Removed? What Would Be My Best Option? (photo)

I have lots of scars in my legs caused by mosquitos bites,I scratched it so it became a wound.I had this scars when I was just a kid and I am now 18... READ MORE

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