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How to Treat Keratosis Pilaris Scars?

I have scars on my upper arms caused by keratosis pilaris and/or acne. They are several dark brown spots. What is the best scar removal method to... READ MORE

Brown Spot After a Cut? (photo)

A year ago I cut my leg with a razor, fortunately it didn't leave a scar but in its place appeared a brown mark. I have tried many skin lightening... READ MORE

Best Acne Scar Removal, Redness and Brown Spots Treatment?

If I have acne scarring, redness on my cheekbones, and some brown and red spots, what treatment should I try first to reduce the scarring? READ MORE

How Can I Remove my Old Scars and Stop Suffering Now?

Dear Doctors, I'm from the Philippines& I have scars on my legs. I had them since I was a kid. My sister have them too& we are both dying to... READ MORE

Is this PIH, PIE, or simply scarring? Photos included. Seeking treatment for legs. (photos)

Hi there! I have extremely sensitive skin. I would knick myself often.. These brown spots are left behind wherever my skin takes damage have it be a... READ MORE

Scar Treaments or Removal? (photo)

It has been 8 months since my accident and my laserations have healed but i now have browish marks where I had the laseration. What can I do to remove... READ MORE

Brown pigmented spots/patches that are from acne and burn history; how can I get rid of them? (Photos)

I have a bunch of spots all over my face and body, from acne & from burn marks. On my face they're dime sized, on my body they are quarter sized &... READ MORE

How do I remove/lighten leg scars?

I got he scars from mosquito bites. They look like flat brown spots. READ MORE

Hi. I Have my Newborn Baby Who Came to Lufe 2 Weeks Back with a Brown Scar on His Face. Any Solution? (photo)

Am looking for any solution i can start with before my baby get older. And can you please tell me if this scar will disappear from it self by time. Thanks READ MORE

What will I use to get rid of scars, dark black and brown spot?

I am having scars on my legs,hands,and as well as dark black and brown sport like wise what will i use to get reed of then and how will i do it? READ MORE

How to get rid of burn mark on my hand? (Photo)

I have light pink Burn mark with dark brown dots. It is 1 week old. I am not using anything right now, except olive oil. It looks really nasty. Please... READ MORE

How can I get rid of brown burn scar on my face?

I was burn about 12 years ago from hot oil...there is some brown marks on my face...plzzz tell me the best way to get rid of these scar are... READ MORE

How do I get rid of reddish brown spots on my skin from picking?

I pick at myself I've made some really deep sores on my body and I get really bad scabs when the scabs come off I'm left with these flat reddish brown... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Lichen Planus Scars?

I have had lichen planus for two years now and now i am left with these dark brown marks all over my body. i have used everything and nothing seems to... READ MORE

Triluma or Dermabrasion to Fix Scars from TCA Peel Burns?

Is there anyway I can lighten this up? It's really bugging me. Will Dermabrasion help? How about Triluma? Please, are there any treatment that can... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of my Leg Scars?

I have brown scars all over my legs. Some are big and some are small. I do not remember how I got them and I need them to go away. I used every scar... READ MORE

Nose Discolouration and Spots Refuse to Go Even After 3 Years?

I'm a man. 3 years ago I went for a facial massage and this trainee by mistake used some chemical and a machine on my face that left one bad scar on... READ MORE

Skin whitening Cream Leaves Its Own Large Darkening Patches? (photo)

Hello.... nearly two years ago i used a spot removing cream to remove a scar on my face, for some days the scars seemed to be gone but after some days... READ MORE

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