Brown Skin + Scar Removal

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I Have a Keloid Beside my Nose, How Do I Get It Removed? (photo)

I had a mole beside my nose since when I was a kid. My aunt told me to put some special cream on it it worked but I accidentally went over the mole... READ MORE

How can I reduce or remove chicken pox scars from nose? (photos)

I had chicken pox when i was younger which left behind 2 scars on my nose. Almost 12 years later i stilll have them, with no sign of faiding what so... READ MORE

My 7 year old son has a dog bite scar on his face. What is the best removal method or treatment?

My concern is the pigment is much darker then his regular skin we are Indo Canadian ( Fijian) so have a brown skin tone but his scar almost looks like... READ MORE

What do you suggest I do about the chicken pox scar in the middle of my forehead? (photos)

I Had chicken pox when I was younger and I didn't care much about it because I was a child. Now that I have grown older its more of a insecurity to me... READ MORE

I have a scar from a concrete burn, any ideas on how to remove it? (Photo)

I have brown skin and the scar is darker and very noticeable. It is located on my cheek bone. Any ideas on how to get rid of it? READ MORE

30 year old burn marks. Is there a way to fix these scars?

I am 36 year old and have 3rd degree burn marks on my legs . I had an accident when I was 6 year old. Is there a way to fix these scars. I have brown... READ MORE

Can I eliminate 15 year old scars? (Photo)

Am 32 year old female with brown skin who has been fighting acne for 15+ yrs. Can I eliminate the scars without damaging my skin ? What are my... READ MORE

I have brown skin and scar badly. What can I do to prevent a scar?

I used a hot water bottle and it burnt my tummy leaving big blisters filled with water. i have put a bandaid on but dont know what to do next to... READ MORE

How soon can I receive laser scar removal after a breast augmentation?

I am curious how long I would have to wait to receive laser scar removal treatments to reduce the appearance of my future incisions. I have brown skin... READ MORE

How can I QUICKLY remove scars around my mouth with my skin tone? (photo)

I had some scabs around my mouth that I didn't let heal properly without agitating them by trying to exfoliate them off with a wash clothe daily. Now... READ MORE

Brown pigmented skin patches from acne and burns; how can I get rid of them? (Photos)

Hello, I have many spots all over my face and body, from acne & burns. On my face they're dime sized, on my body they are quarter sized & larger.... READ MORE

Excoriation After Laser Hair Removal. Is It a Scar or is It Still Healing? (photo)

I have brown skin and am of Indian descent. I had Laser Hair Removal 10 weeks ago (1st tx). A month from then, I noticed a small black spot on my... READ MORE

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