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What Treatment Would You Recommend for Ice Pick Scars?

I've been told they are ice pick but i don't know if all of them are ice pick or just some of them. I have a feeling I have a mixture of ice... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Boxcar Scars?

I have old pitted acne scars on my cheeks. I've used Merderma, Microdermabrasion and had Chemical peels but the scars are still there. From what I've... READ MORE

I have an old box scar on my cheek. Doctor told me he will do a punch excision. Scar depth is 1.5 to 2 mm (Photo)

I need to reassure that this technique is safe ,are there any possible side effects for this punch excision,i am worried that it might still leave a... READ MORE

Best Treatment for All Types of Scars?

Hi, I'm a 30-year old from the Philippines. I am really eager to know what is the best treatment for all types of scars? I had 2 TCA Cross Method... READ MORE

I have a box scar on my forehead. Which scar removal is best for me? (photo)

I have a box scar on my forehead well several but there's one in the middle that I really want to get ride of u got it from having chicken pox when I... READ MORE

Various Types of Scars-What Should I Use Phenol Peel or Surgery or Injections? (photo)

Used Accutane in past. It left me with huge, tissue thin weeping pustules on cheeks. Now have pitted scars, rolling scars, probably box scars, and V.... READ MORE

I am 27 years old. What is the best treatment for ice pick scars or box car scarring? (Photo)

I have had these ice pick scars or box car scarrings on both sides of my cheeks since high school. I have done micro dermabrasion, dermarolling and... READ MORE

What is the max diameter of a boxcar scar that can be removed via Punch Excision? (photos)

I have a perfectly circular boxcar scar with a diameter just under 5mm. Can this scar be removed with punch excision or is the diameter too large? Is... READ MORE

Scar Removal Options After Unresponsive Treatments to Fraxel and Dot Therapy?

Hello! I have had 4 rounds of fraxel and a dot therapy on my skin to treat persistent box car scars on my cheeks. Although there was improvement, they... READ MORE

Any suggestions for pitted scar treatment ?

I have pitted scarring (ice pick car i believe ) on both cheeks. I hate it and of course would love to have smooth skin. I have taken accutane... READ MORE

Scar Revision via Excision (Small icepicks, boxscars, and lesions):What's the approx. price done by a plastic surgeon in Toronto

I have a few ~2mm icepick scars and a couple of 2-3mm in diameter boxscars. I also have 2 ~3-4mm lesions. I would like to have them revised via... READ MORE

I am a boy of 17 years and I have 3 boxcar scars on my cheeks. Is there any good treatment for that? (Photo)

Please doctor help me. I had gone to alot of doctors at our place but nobody could had help me. I had these box scars since 7 years. I feel ashamed... READ MORE

I want to know what treatment I can get done to get rid of all these ice pick scars, craters, and box scars (Photo)

Here is what both of my cheeks look like I'm only gonna show my worster side which is my left side . It looks very disgusting and I don't know where... READ MORE

I have ice pick and boxcar on my cheek is Microneedling with PRP, is the best option??? (photos)

With scars i also get breakouts frequently ,So please suggest some effective treatment . READ MORE

What would be he best treatment for boxcar/ice pick scarring on dark pigmented skin? (photos)

I am so scared to do any laser treatments (as I've heard that they can cause pigmentation), and I've also looked into Bellafill (which can cause bumps... READ MORE

Can a deep boxcar scar be filled in or removed completely? (Photo)

I have a deep boxcar scar on my cheek, below my eye, as a result of cystic acne. This scar has been impacting my self-confidence and I would like to... READ MORE

Boxcar and ice pick scar treatment? (Photo)

I have boxcar and ice pick scars on both sides of my cheeks and small ones on my jaw line. I've had these for a long time and they seem to be getting... READ MORE

I am 17, male , Indian. I have acne scars on my cheeks, possibly boxcar scars.will it be cured using laser?

What would be the cost? downtime required? required number of sessions? thank u for answering in advance READ MORE

I have box like scars on my face. Would PRP be an effective treatment?

I have some sporadic box like scars on my face and wanted to know the effectivity of prp on it. Need some advice regarding prp. Thankyou READ MORE

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