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Best Keloid Removal Method For Body And Face

I am soon going to get health insurance so that i can go to a specialist to talk about my keloids which i have on my chest, back, right shoulder and... READ MORE

Who to Ask in Getting Evaluation for Scar Revision?

I have alot of scars all over my body. I'm kinda nervous. I want to talk to someone about it, explain it to me. How much pain will there be and the... READ MORE

Pimples Turned Keloids All over my Body. It Pains So Much! (photo)

Pimples turned to Keloids on Chest,Arms,Back, Belly. :(( I've been suffering for more than twenty years. But the pain and itchiness is just unbearable... READ MORE

I have black spots on my all over body including private parts, apart from my face and neck from last 3 years(2014). (photo)

Hi, i have black spots on my all over body aprt from my face...from last 3 years(2014) it is stating from my hand and slowly 2 its increased on my all... READ MORE

I have a lot of keloids in my body. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Hi I have a lot of keloids in my body I've been getting injections but its seem like like nothing is happening besides the two I have in my ears... READ MORE

How to remove block spot scars ?

Stiil 1 year came to my body more number of spots are occurring on my body and face please suggestion READ MORE

Scar Tissue, is there anything I can do to fix this? (photos)

I lost 338 pounds naturally and got a circumferential body lift done ,I have scar tissue surrounding my belly button that looks like a BALL, and hard... READ MORE

Why did my keloid get worse after removal?

So I have a keloid scar on my body that I got removed by a doctor In Mexico, when I got the stitches off it got worse and bigger. I was wondering why... READ MORE

I have chicken pox scans most part of my body and they are 16 years old. Kindly suggest me the best treatment?

I have chicken pox scans most part of my body & they are 16years old. Kindly suggest me the best treatment to remove them completely without any... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Lichen Planus Scars?

I have had lichen planus for two years now and now i am left with these dark brown marks all over my body. i have used everything and nothing seems to... READ MORE

I Have Black Marks All over my Body Since I Was 13 Now I'm 21. My Thighs, my Back, and Stomach. Any Suggestions? (photo)

I have black marks all over my body since i was 13 now i'm 21. The only spot in my body that doesn't have any black marks is my breast area and my... READ MORE

I broke out in hives from an allergic reaction and causes dark blemishes all over my body. How can this be fix? (photo)

What can i use to get rid of it? Last time i was giving olive oil clothes and it worked but i cant seem to find those anymore. READ MORE

How long will the chicken pox scars disappear?

Hi sir actually I had got chickenpox 5 months ago but the scars are still on my face and body please tell me how much more months it will take to... READ MORE

How to get rid of body scars?

I've had some scars and discolorations in my thighs and that part in my hand from my shoulders till the tip of my elbows.. because of Eczema and... READ MORE

I have 4 hypertrophic scars on the left side of my body. Two is 5 inch long & the other two is about 1-2 inch long. (photo)

Is scar revision the best option? What is the most cost effective what efficient procedure to take? READ MORE

I have keloid and hyperpigmented in all of my body. Will an insurance cover reconstructive treatment?

I get ulcers and rashes that leave my skin scarred, all my life. I have suffered mental problems. It's near impossible to do even simple task like... READ MORE

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