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How Do I Get the Crater That Was a Birthmark off and Make my Nose Look Normal? (photo)

It was a birthmark its like 2mm. a indent. I want to know how to make it normal READ MORE

How can I get rid of this scar on my forehead? (Photo)

I was born with this birthmark it was a flat brown irregular shape almost a size of an eraser I've applied dermantend to it now it's just an scar I... READ MORE

Would I Be Able to Get Some Sort of Laser Scar Removal Done with This Type of Scar? (photo)

I had a birthmark removed about 15 years ago. I had a skin graft. I think its a hypertrophic scar but I'm not sure. I'm looking to even out the color... READ MORE

is my scar a keloid/hypertrophic scar? What alternative treatments can I try? It's a scar left from birthmark removal (Photo)

I am getting steroid injections monthly combined with laser; the scar flattens but within 2-3 weeks the scar tissue reforms again. I just started... READ MORE

I have very light red marks from previous burns. How can I remove them? (photos)

I have very light red marks on my skin from burns (curling iron) about a year ago. They have faded but are still there. I also have a red birthmark.... READ MORE

How can this large birthmark on my arm be remove? (photos)

I was born with a birth mark on my left arm but I have notice that is been growing and is begining to look more noticible. The layer on that part of... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend to remove a black dot (birthmark)? (photo)

I hate this scar with the black dot. I went for a laser treatment and I've had two sessions sofar but unfortunately no change at all. Is there a way I... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of my raised scar on my chin? (Photo)

I've had a birth mark on my chin growing up and I got it removed twice. The color is gone but now it's a puffy scar. I hate that it's raised and I'm... READ MORE

Birthmarks on legs were removed ten years ago. Now, I'm left with a scar. (Photo)

I had moles on my legs as birth marks and got them remove ten years ago. Now, I'm left wit a scar and the other one looks like it coming back. READ MORE

How to get rid of old scars and dark birth mark?

Hello, doctors! I have a question about what I call them are generation scars that I have had since I was a small girl, now I am 53 years old and the... READ MORE

How to remove bite mark scare fast?? (photo)

1 month before i got this mark on my face by my brother because of our much time it will take to fade and what should i use??..can i apply... READ MORE

A keloid from a surgery on chest area? is there a treatment for this? (photos)

I had a birthmark that was taken out in 2012; i ended up with a big keloid on my chest area (right under the neck line); i've been doing alot of... READ MORE

Born with birthmark, surgery done wrong. (Photo)

My 14 year old grandson born w/spot on head-no hair grows.Dr. In Springhill, Fl. who takes Fl. Insurance.Awful job.looking for a Cosmedic Dr.who has... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of a Scar After Birthmark Excision?

I had a cafe au lait birthmark excised. After taking the stitches out the doctor gave me TNS Recovery Complex (face cream derived from foreksin of... READ MORE

Can anything be done to improve the skin graft on my knee? (photos)

It has been about 8 years since I had a birthmark removed and replaced with a skin graft on my knee but I am very unhappy with the results. As you can... READ MORE

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