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Indented Shave Biopsy Scar on Cheek @ 4 Months, Treatment Options? (photo)

I had two shave biopsies done for potential skin cancer (both turned out benign). Both were done on the cheek area; the less visible one is healing... READ MORE

What can be done to improve my biopsy punch scar on my forehead? (photos)

Had a biopsy punch on my forehead for a cist 4 months ago Still very unhappy with it. It's pink, rough around the edges and dented in. Will it still... READ MORE

I have an indented shave biopsy scar on my face. What would you recommend to flatten my scar? (photos)

I had a shave biopsy done on my face a month ago. The dermatologist decided to perform a deep shave despite me asking for a very shallow one. She also... READ MORE

Scar Revision of Indented Scar?

5 months ago I had scar revision on an indented punch biopsy scar on my cheek. It is still a bit red but although very slightly flatter the scar is... READ MORE

Open incision, biopsy scar, How should I revise the scar? (Photo)

Biospybegged the surgent not to cut my neck but appouch another way but instead he didn't listen to me and cut my neck anyway. I'm currently going... READ MORE

What can be done to reduce the size of a keloid scar on the neck? (Photo)

I have had a keloid scar on my neck for about 6 years from getting a biopsy on my neck. It's bothered me for so long, so I want to know what... READ MORE

I had a deeply dented round cheek scar from a punch biopsy. What are my options?

I had a deeply dented round cheek scar from a punch biopsy. Had scar revision after 1 yr which left it virtually the same. Had 2nd revision another... READ MORE

What is the typical healing process for shave biopsy? Will I have a permanent scar? (Photo)

I had a shave biopsy 4 weeks ago that came back negative, I did not know this could cause a scar. After 4 weeks I still have a red mark that looks... READ MORE

My biopsy results show I have a keloid. Can I get steroid injections before the keloid grows back?

My dermatologist burned off the raised scar I had to determine whether it's a keloid. Turns out it is and I don't know if getting a steroid injection... READ MORE

What is the best treatment route for my facial scars? (Photo)

I have two scars about an eraser head in size that were the result of two moles removed with punch biopsies. It has been three years since the... READ MORE

Old White Scar turned Red and Opened up. Any suggestions?

I have a biopsy scar that is over a year old. It did not heal properly and turned white and feels hard to the touch. I went to a dermatologist who... READ MORE

Indented scar from shave biopsy on cheek bone; considering scar revision surgery, advice? (photos)

Hi, I had a shave biopsy to test for skin cancer a little over 2 months ago and unexpectedly left a scar (zero progression since 2 weeks). I have... READ MORE

How can I get rid of this punch biopsy scar? (photos)

Hi there! I am 23 y/o and have this scar right below my belly button. I have never shaved my stomach, but the one time I do I get an ingrown hair! I... READ MORE

Shave biopsy scar removal on back of neck, cost and best approach? (Photo)

White female. pink and slightly raised edges, slightly indented center, size of a dime on the back of my neck, what would be the best way to improve... READ MORE

How badly does overdue stitches removal affect the site? (Photo)

I had a few stitches from a mole biopsy on my outer thigh, on November 18th. Due to circumstances beyond my control, 4 appointments to have them... READ MORE

How can I get rid of biopsy scar on my stomach area? (Photo)

I am 27, and skin type 3 to 4 ,5 months ago I got skin biopsy done from my stomach area, the incision Involved deep layers of skin. Now I hv a round... READ MORE

What would be the best methods for improving/revising 7 to 8 year old scar on the bridge of nose from a skin biopsy?

I had a rather agressive biopsy done on the middle center/bridge of my nose that resulted in a rather deep crater 2-3 centimeter in diameter. Over... READ MORE

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