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How Do I Get Rid of These Hideous Spots? (photo)

For years now I have had these disgusting scars located beneath my belly button area. Ive searched google and no one seems to address this issue. When... READ MORE

Which is Better FDA Approved Rejuveness or Biodermis for Tummy Tuck Scar?

I am 3 weeks post op tomorrow and my doc recommended biodermis mastopexy silicone sheet for my tummy tuck scar wit vertical scar in middle. Rejuveness... READ MORE

Scar Removal on Belly Cost?

I have about a 2-inch scar on my belly, right below my belly button. Around how much will this kind of scar cost to remove? READ MORE

Remove 24 Year Old Colostomy Scar? (photo)

I have had this scar since I was an infant, unfortunately, due to being born premature and having multiple surgeries. I had a large portion of my... READ MORE

Is this normal after intralesional kenalog injection? (photos)

Hello, I posted recently regarding a hypertrophic scar that occurred on my belly after mole removal. I just had intralesional steroids injected into... READ MORE

White Surgical Scar on Stomach

I had surgery to remove tumor...all clear now, but am left with white scar. Scar is very flat, about 6 inches long on my stomach around my belly... READ MORE

Could Scar Revision Surgery Fix my Scar? (photo)

When I was born I instantly needed surgery to keep me alive as the result of a bad gut blockage. Now being 20 years old I hate showing my belly and... READ MORE

Will Scar revision make this better? (photos)

I had ectopic pregnancy 12 years ago and it left me a very ugly verical scar and my belly pooches because of the irregularity of the scar. Will scar... READ MORE

How to remove scar from a DERMAL PEIRCING? (photos)

I had 4 dermal and now the scar are ugly i dont even like to show my belly due to how horrible it looks ! Which cream or what should i do to get rid... READ MORE

Can the scar from a belly piercing be revised? (photos)

I know another scar is probably going to take it's place but at least it wouldn't be a hole. READ MORE

Could it be possible to get these holes removed? (photos)

I had my belly pierced when I was a bit chubby, about 4 years ago now I've lost weight and I have two holes above my belly button where the man... READ MORE

How do I get rid of scars and dark spots?

I have them all over my body. Literally. My legs. My belly. My back. My butt. My arms. My breasts. Even my vaginal area. And i'm only 14!!. I started... READ MORE

How can i heal scars around my body? (photos)

I got scars around my face, belly and straight around my back. I got these scars when I was young , when I got any health problem my parent took me to... READ MORE

Can scar excision revise my 3 striae marks on my left side of my belly that i got from massive weight gain 4 years ago? (photo)

I was looking into scar excision on the face and body for scars and they seems like my only hope. I have stretch marks on my right side but they are... READ MORE

How much does medical scars removal cost? Plus, what method should I get a fuller butt, and what would the cost be?

I was born with a sacrel taratoma and after its remove I was left with lots of large scars on my buttocks, and a medium one on my belly were my... READ MORE

How much does laser scar treatment cost? (Photo)

I have a scar in my belly and hips both side. I got the scar since i was a little baby , and now i dont like how i look myself in the mirror. Before I... READ MORE

I have keloids on my chest, near my ear, belly and back, I have spots that are slowly raising. How to get rid of them? (Photo)

Back in 2007, I scratched a pimple and it turned into a keloid(pic1). It's the same Size for quite a while now. In 2010 I got my ears pierced and... READ MORE

How do I get rid of a deep burn scar?

When I was few months old as a baby I was burnt on the belly for traditional reasons, what is the best way to get rid of it? by the way I had this... READ MORE

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