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Scar On Toddler Cheek. 1 Year Post Scarring, What To Do? (photo)

Hello, When my daughter was 18 months old another toddler dug her fingernail very deep into my daughters cheek. We used silicone, sunscreen etc for... READ MORE

My Daugter is 2 Years Old and Has a Dog Bite on Face Which Are Best Dissolvable or Non Dissolvable Stiches?

My daughter has been bitten on the cheek by a dog my surgeon has decided to use non dissolvable stiches. I was innitially told that because she was... READ MORE

Suggested Treatment for Three Year Old's Scar? (photo)

Our three-year-old daughter has a small scar on her forehead. The injury was the result of a fall, and occurred two years ago, and was derma glued.... READ MORE

My 2 year old fell off a chair and got a cut on his forehead. Will he always have this scar, or will it fade over time? photo)

My 2 years old baby fell off from the chair and got cut in his forehead vertical...he got the butterfly stitches in his forehead after two hours..... READ MORE

How Do I Prevent from Getting a Scar?

Baby fell and cut his nose on the border of a drawer and cut a little open READ MORE

How to prevent scarring from wound on a baby? (Photo)

My 23 month old boy picked up a sharp object and slit his left cheek. The cut was not stitched or glued as the family paediatrician recommended... READ MORE

Cat scratches on 5.5 month old's nose and scarring. (Photo)

Will cat scratches on my 5.5 month old daughter's nose scar? Is mederma better than vitamin e oil once it's healed? If it does leave scars what... READ MORE

Hi. I Have my Newborn Baby Who Came to Lufe 2 Weeks Back with a Brown Scar on His Face. Any Solution? (photo)

Am looking for any solution i can start with before my baby get older. And can you please tell me if this scar will disappear from it self by time. Thanks READ MORE

Please help I need every possible scar minimizing remedy?

I have a 2 year old daughter that recently fell into the corner of my wooden bed and put a split/hole in her forehead. What steps should I take to... READ MORE

Do I need to apply scar cream to my 3 year old baby on a superficial second degree burn on his face after healing? (Photo)

Superficial second degree burn, on face ,healed in 7 days, then the follow-up care is keep moisture with baby lotion ,baby lotion screen and massage... READ MORE

Will my baby's ears ever close? its been 5 months since I took her piercings out. They stayed in only 4-5 weeks

My baby was 3 1/2 when she got her ears pieced after one month i noticed one was up to high the other to close to her face, I took them both out to... READ MORE

Baby Girl with Scar and Milia on Top of Nose (photo)

My baby girl fell bad on her nose when she was 9 months old. It was a kind of burning wound. Now she has some scar tissue and milia in it. Does anyone... READ MORE

Does Keloids Occur for a Five Month Baby?

My baby is five months and two weeks old.. She has a skin outgrowth behind her ear in the right side. I suspect this as a keloid. But i read articles... READ MORE

How to Prevent Scarring on a Cut on Baby's Face? (photo)

My 1 year old baby fell on the side of the bed which left a cut just above the right of the the lip. We took him to a child specialist who said that... READ MORE

How do I heal carpet burn and get skin color back to normal? (Photo)

My 6 month old fell off the bed and the carpet burned her nose and her upper lip right under her nose. READ MORE

Will my baby have scar or it will fade? They say baby heal faster?

My 11 month old Baby slipped in the toilet and the dr had to do a stitches On his left side of the upper cheek about 1 inch because its quite deep.... READ MORE

My baby girl got a cigarette burn on her face 2 months ago. Is there any cream or oil to help remove the scar? (Photo)

She is 19months now. There has red scar there now, where quite obvious. Any cream or oil is able to help remove the scar? It was an accident as she... READ MORE

White scratch nail mark on my 4 month old baby. How can they be treated? (Photo)

My daughter has a scratch mark on the right side of her nose.. It has been two weeks and it doesn't seems like it is fading.. What can I put on there... READ MORE

How to best heal deep cut on scalp of 1and a half year old baby?

My 1.5 yr baby got a deep cut on his scalp 4 days back. It wasn't sutured due to delay in treatment. Please suggest any methods to minimise this huge... READ MORE

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