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Which is the Best Treatment for my 2cm Atrophic Scar?

I have a vertical 2cm trauma atrophic scar over the eyebrow,slightly pigmented. READ MORE

Options For Hypertrophic Scar Post-knee Surgery? (photo)

I had ACL reconstruction done 2.5 months ago---the joint is healing, but one of the scars (endoscope port) is overdeveloping. This is affecting the... READ MORE

How can I get rid of chicken pox atrophic scars?

I have two chicken pox scars in the middle of my forehead that are over 15 years old. I've tried injections of a temporary filler but only a small... READ MORE

How to make atrophic scars on nose less noticeable? (photo)

In order to remove two small vascular lesions on my nose I got laser, but they burnt me and now I have this two scars left, the one on the top is more... READ MORE

Do I Have a Hypertrophic Scar? (photo)

About 3 months ago I had a bike accident and got road rash on my face. The left side of my upper lip was gashed up pretty bad, but i kept it out of... READ MORE

What are my options for correcting upper lip (philtrum) appearance and minimizing a scar after an accident (photo)

It seems that the left peak of my philtrum has healed crookedly where the stitches were located. The peak is split half way up by a depressed line.... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for my Atrophic Facial Scar?

I had a cyst removed approx 3 years ago that left behind an atrophic scar. It is on the bridge of my nose between my eye brows approx 1in in length... READ MORE

Scar Revision for Atrophic Scar: Where to Start? (photo)

In trying to treat acne scarring, I was left with the scar you see in the photos after dermabrasion. I'm wondering what can be done to improve it, and... READ MORE

What is the most effective treatment for atrophic scars?

Not acne scars, but surgical incisional scars that are depressed/indented. Thank you. READ MORE

My scar is atrophic and has widened. Is the result of my scar is due to nature of my injury? (photos)

I have posted an image of my injury and scar after two months. My scar is atrophic and has widened. It does not look anything like conventional scars... READ MORE

How can I get rid of old chicken pox scars? (photo)

I had chicken pox at 14 but now i m 20 nd chicken pox are still on my face .so.i have total four scars on face .. two are small atrophic scars which... READ MORE

What is the recommended treatment for an atrophic scar? (photo)

Three weeks ago I accidentally dove into some shallow water of a swimming pool. I had injuries to my forehead and lip but my nose took the worst of... READ MORE

Atrophic Cheek Scar: Laser Peel + Profractional or HA Filler? (Photo)

On my right cheek I have a very small ice pick acne scar (which I may have excised) and a 5mm atrophic scar from a lesion removal that I HATE. Not a... READ MORE

Looking for subcision doctor in OH, KY or IN?

I'm trying to find a doctor who is very experienced performing subcision procedures for atrophic scars. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and haven't had any... READ MORE

Scar revision surgery failed to improve my scar. Is this because my skin heals poorly or did something else go wrong? (photo)

My trauma scar was revised 8 months ago. After surgery, the scar started out thin but then widened and sunk in as it healed. It is now wide, atrophic... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for an atrophic scar on my nose bridge?

Iy would like to now if iy could do anything besides laser surgery like derma roller are silicon sheets to help scar it not very big just a small... READ MORE

Atrophic Scar From Trauma on Nose. What treatments will minimize the look of this scar? (Photo)

I got crashed into and received this scar on my nose in October. I had a laser to take the color out in January. What treatments will minimize the... READ MORE

Should I Get a Scar Excision for Saucer Shaped, Atrophic Scars? I Think I'd Prefer a Linear Scar. (photo)

I am a recovering skin picker. I'm now left with several white, saucer shaped atrophic scars. It is a daily reminder of the pain that I went through.... READ MORE

Looking Me a Texas Facial Plastic Surgeon Who is Very Skilled at Scar Revision of the Lip

I have a scar the runs from the top of my lip to the bottom of my nose, it is an atrophic scar. As a 3 year old I was bitten by a dog, I am 24 years... READ MORE

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