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Tying String Around Ear Keloid for Removal?

I was reading someone saying that they tied a string around their earlobe keloid to cut off the circulation and the keloid dried up. I was wondering,... READ MORE

Home remedies for scar removal - stitch marks on my forehead. (photo)

Hello doctor. i have stitches mark on my forehead . i met with an accident to years back. from that time i am using hexilak silicone gel as suggested... READ MORE

Rubber Band Keloid Removal

I tied a rubber band around my keloid but im fed up of the puss and it has blisterd.Will it be ok to remove the rubber band? i'm currently taking... READ MORE

Does Silicone Pad Works on Raised Scar?

My scar was formed due to an accident,my cheek was cut and stitched,which left an white raised scar.Its an old scar..I want to improve it by non... READ MORE

Indented Vertical and Blackhead Extractor Scar!

An aesthetician removed blackheads with an extractor. My first time. It left 1 scar in the shape of the extractor (the impression is intented in my... READ MORE

Any home remedy or medicine or gel for a small lump/scar tissue left by stitches after accident? (photo)

I had an accident 1 n a half year back and got stitches just below my left eyebrow. There is a a very small lump which did not heal. I recently... READ MORE

Any natural remedies or creams to get rid of, or lighten a scar on my face after receiving stitches? (Photo)

Hi, I had an accident about a month and a half ago. I had a cut on my face that required stitches and I was wondering if there's anything I can do to... READ MORE

How do I get rid of scars from pimples? (Photo)

When I get a pimple on my chest I pop it than it bleeds than has a scab so I pell that off and than it just leaves dark marks. What can I use to get... READ MORE

Are there at home remedies to get rid of keloids or hypertrophic scarring?

I have an industrial piercing, and on the hole that's closer to my face has developed a keloid. I went to my piercer and she said to keep it dry by... READ MORE

I have keloids in my right chest. What is the best home remedies for keloids? (photos)

Hello Doctor's!!! I have keloids in my right chest. What is the best home remedies for keloids? It's because I'm far in the urban area, from now I'd... READ MORE

Instead of doing the injection, can you try any at home to shrink a keloid? (photos)

I have a keloid loacted on my chest area and sometimes it will hurt s me and sometimes it will icthys what can I do to stop READ MORE

How can I get rid of a deep scar with home remedies or cheap uses of like lotions and stuff? (photos)

I had this scar for years and people think it's a birthmark when it really isn't. Years ago when I was I think 6 I picked out my scab and it turned... READ MORE

What Should I Do About my Scar? I Removed a Mole At-Home, and It's Left a Scar.

On the premise of positive peer review, I decided to remove a raised mole on my face using apple cider vinegar, applying it gently with vaseline... READ MORE

How do I remove an 11 year old scar? - Photo

So, my daughter has a chickenpox scar for 11 years now (13 years old now). She has two scars, the holes is her chickenpox scar, she had them since she... READ MORE

i got a scar from mole removal .is it possible to remove it or light it? (photos)

I visited some skin specialist and dey told me it will leave a mark as mole is big in size so i used a home remedie now d mole is almost gone but dere... READ MORE

Is there any home treatment or any chemical medicine by which it can be cured.or just get fade a bit. (photo)

Hello sir/mam I got a burned mark on my nose which is 18 year old.It is a black spot which was burned with polythene. Please suggest me any... READ MORE

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