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How to get rid of flat discolored scars that have shiny texture?

I have a two scars on my ankle from an injury they appear to like bruises but they have a shiny texture. Any treatment that can minimize the effect?... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Constantly Itching and Inflammed Scars?

I have numerous small dot scars on my legs and arms. I have used Scar Zone which has helped on my arms. But I believe I have way too many scars on... READ MORE

How Successful is Keloid Removal, What are Chances of it Returning? (photo)

I have a keloid on my ankle that has been there for about ten years or so. It is the size of a quarter. I have heard about keloids resurfacing after... READ MORE

Flat and disclored scars: Will they fade or can they be removed?

Hello I asked the question before but I did not attached a photo. So I have a flat dislcolored scar with an shiny texture if u see it in certain... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my scars on legs from years of picking?

I've suffered with this issue for over 15 years now. I'm 25 now. It's been one of the hardest most embarrassing things I've had to go through in my... READ MORE

What is the possible diagnosis of this dark lesion on my ankle? (photo)

I has been there a few months and occured after using treatment for ringworm on my ankle. it is flat and smooth, but just much darker ive attached a photo READ MORE

What kind of treatment is there available to rectify a scar located between my knee and ankle on the front of my leg? (photo)

What is the range of surgery and or treatment options to have my scar removed. What kind of surgery and/or treatment is there available to rectify a... READ MORE

Scar Revision. Two scars on ankle, will scar revision works? (photos)

I have done a scar revisions before but it is still noticeable my scar has minor indention and hyper pigmentation and shiny texture. The dark red was... READ MORE

What kind of surgery or treatment is there available to rectify a scar located between my knee & ankle?

What kind of surgery and/or treatment is there available to rectify a scar located between my knee and ankle on the front of my leg? Creams/Gels... READ MORE

Deep scar removing? (Photos)

Hey I have a scars all over my body because I was shot back home 4 times some them are in my private parts and my ankles the are very deep I went to a... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Scar Tissue Build Up on Ankle from Opening Same Incision 4 Times?

I had ankle surgery 8/24/11, another surgery 3 months later, 11/23/11. On 5/24/12 they did a revision, The last surgery was 4/2/13 they removed the... READ MORE

I Have a 2nd or 3rd Degree Burn That is a Year Old, Which Blisters and Requires Cortisone Cream and the Scar is Ugly? (photo)

A year ago I received a burn the size of a quarter. It blistered and my skin came off immediately. The gaping wound closed on its own a month later... READ MORE

Can a 35 Year Old Cut Become Swollen and Painful?

I have a cut behind my ankle, had stitches. All of a sudden the cut is swollen and painful, it hurts to walk properly READ MORE

How To Go About Leg, Knee, and Ankle Scar Removal and How to Heal Faster?

I recently got over a very horrible injury. Now, I have a huge scar on my leg, and two medium scars on my ankle and knee. Since I'm very tan, its the... READ MORE

I have extreme swelling and scar tissue inside both ankles. Can laser remove this type of scar tissue?

Was seen by a foot doctor and was diagnosised with Hypertrophied scar tissue. Xrays were done on both ankles, which clearly showed fluid and scar... READ MORE

I have a post traumatic scar on my ankle. What's your opinion? (Photo)

Hi! i had an accident last year and it left me with a big scar on the front part of my ankle, plus some little scars on both sides (lateral and... READ MORE

I want treatment for burn mark. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am having a burn mark in my leg near ankle. It is due to bike silencer. Incident took place about 7 months back. The mark is about size of a coin.... READ MORE

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