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What Options Do I Have to Help Alleviate Forehead Scar from Trauma? (photo)

I got into a bike accident 4 weeks ago and got a large laceration above my left eyebrow on my forehead. It was sutured up in the ED and I had the... READ MORE

3.5 Year Old Knee Scar. What Are My Options After Mederma and Silicone Scar Sheets?

I had a fall and injured my knee. I've tried Mederma and the silicone scar sheets. I am thinking about trying the Rejuveness system on it because... READ MORE

I Have a Very Painfull Keloid Scar on my Shoulderblade. Injections (With Cortisone) Don't Work. What Can I Do? (photo)

Hi doctors, I need help. The Keloid (7 years old) is really painfull and nothing has worked (injections with painkiller and cortisone have only... READ MORE

How can I remove residual scarring from various wart removal treatments?

About 2 years ago I developed a small cluster of warts on my arm near my wrist. Since then, I have tried treatments varying from liquid nitrogen, to... READ MORE

is my scar a keloid/hypertrophic scar? What alternative treatments can I try? It's a scar left from birthmark removal (Photo)

I am getting steroid injections monthly combined with laser; the scar flattens but within 2-3 weeks the scar tissue reforms again. I just started... READ MORE

How Much Would a Treatment Cost?

I have tooth pick scars on my cheek and forehead , and of course it has red marks. I looked up some treatments and i saw the pulsed dye laser... READ MORE

What surgical procedure or laser could be the best on my daughter's forehead scar? (Photo)

My daughter had a accident, she hit pretty hard on a table and had open wound, 3 stitches came along from the hospital that day, And its been almost 7... READ MORE

What's the best treatment method for a small chest keloid? (Photo)

I had a mole removed on my chest about 6 months ago, resulting in this small red keloid. The same doctor who removed the mole, did two sets of... READ MORE

Age 17 With A 6in Scar On My Arm. What Are My Options?

I need too remove a scar that ive had for about 5 years now on my arm. im 17 and my scar is nasty and big about 6 inches. help! how much will it cost?... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of these scars? (Photo)

I don't know if these are ice pick scars or rolling box scars. So far I've had 2 fractional laser treatments, 1 chemical peel, and 1 microdermabrasion... READ MORE

Is there a better alternative for removing scars other than fraxel laser treatments? (photo)

At age 15 I stupidly cut myself and did so until I was about 16 or 17. I am now 25 years old (10 years later!) I was blessed when a Doctor gave me a... READ MORE

Steroid injection to reduce scar tissue/cartilage?

I broke my nose and have since had two rhinoplasties performed. However, one side of my nose is still is quite a bit thicker than the other due to... READ MORE

is this a hypertropic scar? (Photo)

Scar is three months old. Wearing scar away strips 24/7. Carolyn READ MORE

How can I get rid of scars on legs? (Photo)

I had surgery when I was seven. I have always had scars on my legs which do tan, but are still obviously visible. Is plastic surgery the only option... READ MORE

What's the best way to treat my accident scar? (Photo)

I have a accident two year ago in mozambique country. after one year i go india than i consult a dr.about my scar dr. suggest me reoprate. i make... READ MORE

What can I use to remove scars on my legs? (Photo)

Have been having this scars for like 15 years now.have tried bio oil and Mederma but they didn't work.what can I use?please help READ MORE

Can I Go for Laser Removal for Scars Which Are on the Side of my Breast? (photo)

Im 1m65 for 90kg Hello, im overweight, actually on diet and i have scar on my breasts areas near my underarm.They are like flaky dark skin. They are... READ MORE

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