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What is the Best Keloid Treatment?

I am an african american, male, 39 yrs old that wants to get rid of a keloid that appears on my ear lobe. my family dr said i need steroid injections... READ MORE

Can a Scar from Heart Surgery Be Made Smaller?

I had heart surgery last April. I'm 42 years old and the scar is small from the top but huge at the bottom. What can be done to minimize this scar and... READ MORE

How to Remove Scar on Face Caused by an Accident? (photo)

I am Rajeev Ranjan. Male, 35 years old. on 19th Jan'2010 I met an accident while driving motorcycle. Got cut on face under right eye. Plastic surgery... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Hypertrophic Acne Scars?

My skin can best be described as "lumpy", with hypertrophic acne scars covering most of my face. I am a Caucasian female, 41. The scars... READ MORE

Obagi Nu Derm for Acne Scars?

My skin has acne scars. Can Obagi Nu Derm system remove them? I do not have acne now but have scars for a long time. I am 39 years and would like to... READ MORE

DMSO or Preparation H for Keloid Treatment?

I have a large keloidsd on my chest, face, back, legs, arms, and breasts. They get infected with boils and are very painful. I take meds for the... READ MORE

Silicone Sheets for Raised Red Scar from BCG Injection?

Hi, I am a 36-year-old Asian male who had BCG injection when I was a child. The injection left me with a raised red scar that stretches about 3 inches... READ MORE

Facial Scar from Glass Since Age 1? (photo)

I am now approaching 40 years old, so have had this scar for 39 years. It is a thin, sunken and about 2.5 inches in length. What would be the best way... READ MORE

How can I treat the small round scars on my legs? I have been told they can't be removed due to their age. (photos)

I'm 43 year old Asian. I have many small round old scars on my legs. I was told that these scars can’t be removed since the scars have already l... READ MORE

What is the best way to treat chicken pox scar? (Photo)

I'm 35 years old and have had chicken pox a month ago. I did not scratch any of my chicken pox because I was so worried about the scar. Now, it looks... READ MORE

Chin Scar Excision Best Remedy After Silicone & Kenalog Complications?

35yo NY/LI male bumpy chin scar exacerbated by previous doc's silicone overfill/migration, kenalog megadose & botched excision thereof following... READ MORE

What's the Best Way to Reduce Visibility of Two 1/2 Inch White Line Scars on Upper Right Side of Forehead from Broken Glass ?

I have two little white line scars on my upper right forehead, each about 1/2 inch long and very narrow, like a drawn line, yet very visible during... READ MORE

Best way to remove old keloid type facial scar over 20 years old? (Photo)

I was hit by a car at age 12 and suffered deep abrasions that caused a large keloid type scar on my upper lip just below my nose. I also have a bit... READ MORE

Scar revision vs kenalog injections? (Photo)

When I was 8, I fell and bumped my head. I had a bump top left forehead. I then had it removed when I was 18. Over time the initial scar healed, but... READ MORE

I have hypertrophic scarring on nose. Would that be viable for my case? (photos)

I've got some bumps on my nose as mementos from previous bouts of cystic acne. There also seems to be a general light swelling which makes the skin... READ MORE

I've had a lot of old scars on my legs since I was 10 years old and now I'm 37. What can I do to remove them? (Photo)

What are the things or I need to do for these old scars on my legs particularly on my knees be erased or removed? READ MORE

Scar Removal for Bad Staph Scars?

I've had staph for about 10 years, and it seems to be gone now, but I have really bad scars on my face, arms, and legs. I just want the ones on my... READ MORE

Herpes Scar Removal?

I am a 38 year old south Asian male. I have couple of 13 year old scar in my face. I am not sure about the origin, but could be from some form of... READ MORE

I'm an aboriginal lady who was burned when I was 4 w/ 3rd degree burns mostly to my abdomen and genital area. Any suggestions?

Want to if I could get treatmentHi am am an aboriginal lady who has had third degree burns mostly to my abdomen and genital area I was about 4 or 5... READ MORE

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