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What's the best way to remove the flap of skin over my hysterectomy incision? (photo)

I had a total open hysterectomy on 1/29/14. I had a c-section 21 years ago with no "apron" afterwards. But now I have an inch of skin that hasn't... READ MORE

Post Op Firmness in Upper Lip?

6/7 weeks post op since I had some remaining microcystic lymphatic malformation, neuroma, hypertophic salivary glands and some older scar tissue... READ MORE

How do I remove my facials scar? (photo)

I was bit on the face how do I remove this scar? And what is the likelihood of it completely going? Ive attached pics of it at bite and now that its... READ MORE

Scar Revision - What is the criteria and timing to have a traumatic nose scar surgically revised?

6 weeks ago I suffered an impact injury to the nose which left a 1 cm x 0.5 cm scar. The wound was very deep but could not be stitched. Been treating... READ MORE

6 week scar revision surgery. Will the bumps, hole marks and bad texture heal or is treatment need? What can help? (photos)

6 week ago, I had a scar surgical scar revision on Nose Bridge due to an atrophic scar for cancer biopsy. Now, I have two columns of needle marks for... READ MORE

Scars and stretch marks; what should I use to help fade the scar around my button from the TT? (Photos)

Hello Although I'm very happy with my results, I'm wondering if there is anything that can be done with my old stretch marks under and on the sides of... READ MORE

How to fix permanent indented scars, concave scars from chemical TCA peel?

I stupidly gave my self an at home tca peel, it left me with holes scars concave D indented scars on my nose and on my right cheek. This at tca peel... READ MORE

Indented scar removed between my eyebrows and the stitches broke. What would you suggest to help the area heal? (photo)

I have a scar for 40 years between my eyes, . I have it removed by surgical scar revision but after 2 days the stitches broke due to putting sun... READ MORE

I Had an Abdominal Scar Revision 6 Weeks Ago and I Get More Pain Now then I Did 2 Weeks After?

Its getting to the point that its not to bad in the morning when I get up, but as the day goes on it starts to get very pain full. It burns and feels... READ MORE

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