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Do I Have Any Options for Improving Bad Temporal Hairline Facelift Scar Placement?

I had a SMAS facelift w/ fat grafting on 5/20/11. I am 2-wks post-surgery. Had immediate swelling/bruising which has subsided but is still present. My... READ MORE

I recently had a scar revision on a shallow indented scar on my left cheek.

Hi, I had a procedure done called a z-plazty on my shallow indented scar on my left cheek, would like to know if the scar will flatten out with time,... READ MORE

How to Minimize Surgical Scar Appearance?

I had a left thyroidectomy 2 weeks ago and I'm afraid of the nasty scar that will remain. How do I minimize the scar appearance? READ MORE

Dog ear/standing cone deformity at top of surgical incision on cheek. How do I remove this? (photos)

Hello. I am hoping that someone can please help alleviate my concerns. I had scar revision performed on my cheek two weeks ago (from a previous motor... READ MORE

Surgical linear scar .. 6 month old..plastic surgeon made my scar worse by scar revision...need advice (photos)

Plastic surgion (Dr Siddhath sakhiya ( surat) spandan plastic surgery. ) cutted my cheek to remove small scar.He made a very long incision. he stiched... READ MORE

Is 15 Days After Surgery Too Long to Wait for Suture Removal?

It has been 7 days since my surgery. I found out today that the last of my sutures won't be removed until the 15th day after surgery. I haven't seen... READ MORE

Redness and bump after Pyogenic Granuloma removal

I had a pyogenic granuloma removed 2 weeks ago and had my stitches removed this week but I developed this red bump near my stitches. The nurse who... READ MORE

Is my incision supposed to look like this?

I had Mohs surgery four months ago to remove a basal cell carcinoma. I didn't have any repair at the time, and the wound healed with a hypertrophic... READ MORE

Will my indented scar fade after chicken pox scar excision?

I had a chickenpox scar on my face removed two weeks ago. The stitches were removed after 7 days. I am now left with an indented scar, will this ever... READ MORE

2 Weeks after Kenalog Steroid Injection, How long will this take, is this white fluid steroid? Will this ever go away? (photo)

Hi, sorry if this has been covered I had a Chalazian surgery 5 weeks ago to removal a medium sized cyst. However this never went as planned and the... READ MORE

How can scar tissue be removed? (Photo)

I had a revision rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. My nose previously had an inverted v and was too small for my face. My revision surgeon was able to fix... READ MORE

How can I tell if this is a keloid or just a bump in my ear lobe and what steps should I take to get rid of it? (Photo)

I got my ears pierced about 2 years ago and a couple weeks after my piercing A small hard bump ended up forming in my ear, I thought nothing of it... READ MORE

Visible incision upper bleph?

Hi I had an blepharoplasty done 13 days ago. I've come to terms with the fact that the incision are placed high and visible. I'm just wondering if... READ MORE

2.5 weeks post op umbilical scar revision. Is my belly button healing correctly? (Photos)

I had a tummy tuck and hernia repair 2 years ago. My belly button turned into an open wound and finally after months of having a wound vac it finally... READ MORE

How to improve the appearance of this scar? (photos)

I have had a scar revision surgery two weeks ago. My new scar is sharp line & apparently looks flatter than before. The surgeon told me performing w... READ MORE

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