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I Have Pink and Swollen Skin Around my Stitches, How Can I Treat It?

I had a hypertrophic scar beside my nose I just had it removed a week ago, they put in stitches and said there going to remove it in a week. Its been... READ MORE

Can Internal Stitches and External Staples Burst if I Golf? (photo)

I'm going away to North Carolina and Atlanta to golf and fish and I want to know if I can golf? Or will the internal stitches burst the wound is deep... READ MORE

Does this punch excision appear to be healing correctly? (photo)

This is day six after a punch excision. I am concerned about scarring. I use peroxide on the site and put Vaseline on every day and cover with bandage... READ MORE

Subcision on cheek area is still swollen after 6 days?

Hi , I have had subcision on a scar on my cheek 6 days ago and the area is still very swollen. Feels more like soft muscle than fluid. I'm unsure if... READ MORE

Oil & moisurizers and scar removal creams....(photo)

So many products to choose from. What can/should I use following my breast reduction and when can I start using them? I am 1 week out from my surgery.... READ MORE

How to reduce scar tissue?

Hello about a week ago I had a revision rhinoplasty. The revision was to correct deviated tip and lift and hang collumnella When I removed the... READ MORE

Okay to leave all 3 stitches in until all can be removed?

3 stitches tip of nose 7 days ago punch bx, dr. Out of country another 11 days. Dr. Says if comes back cancer, can only remove 2 of the stitches in a... READ MORE

7 Days post-op scar revision: Stitches are removed but there are dots around the new scar - Will they go away? (Photos)

I had scar revision on my forehead before the scar was wide and after scar revision now its thin line but its looks big line now and there are dots of... READ MORE

Scar revision had before 7 days and dots of stitches are around the scar ? How to remove the dots ? (photos)

I had scar revision surgery before 7 days and now the new scar is thin . But i want to know there are dots of stiches around the scar . And please... READ MORE

Is there a chance of felling off the punched skin along with scab? (Photos)

I did punch elevation for my 2mm scar on cheek about a week ago. Now a scab is formed it and when i touching it feels like the punched skin not fixed... READ MORE

Post scar revision swelling. Will the redness and swelling go away? (Photo)

Hi, I removed my scar 9 days ago, My concern is that It looked red and swollen still, and a bit lumpy. See photos. I though it would leave a small... READ MORE

Punch Floating Treatment - Estimated healing time? I'm 9 days post op and wondering when the dark spots will fade?

My dermatologist has done punch float procedure on my chicken pox scars on my face. The steri strips are out and there is just round dark spots that... READ MORE

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