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Scar Revisions On Extended Tummy Tuck!

I researched and did my homework went to the Best Dr. here in the O.C. but I was left with really HIGH scar's in the back of my body I feel SO... READ MORE

What Options Do I Have to Help Alleviate Forehead Scar from Trauma? (photo)

I got into a bike accident 4 weeks ago and got a large laceration above my left eyebrow on my forehead. It was sutured up in the ED and I had the... READ MORE

What's the best way to get rid of my burn scar, and how long will it take to heal? (Photo)

One and a half months ago I got a small burn from hair waxing on my leg, as I took the hot wax of the microwave. I would like to ask if it is going to... READ MORE

I Had Keloid Surgery 1 Month Ago, Theres Red Skin Around It What is It? What Can I Do to Make It Better? (photo)

I am 16 years old, I burned my face and it resulted in a keloid. I had keloid surgery beside my nose 1 month ago, I started getting red skin around it... READ MORE

What Can I Use for 2 Scars and 1 Bruise I Month Post Breast Lift?

I wish to get rid of 2 promanant scars and a blue bruise post 1 month breast lift. I am healing very well so far. Please advise. Claudette SA READ MORE

Will silicone gel help with a depressed scar?

I recently acquired a somewhat depressed rolling scar from a mole removal. It's been about a month and the scar is still fairly red. My derm told me... READ MORE

Raised ridged scar?

I sustained a head injury requiring seven sutures at the back of my head, due to a faulty chair. It has left a ridged scar line. Will it flatten... READ MORE

Not happy with lip scar revision?

Hello I have just had a upper lip scar revision 4 weeks ago and I am devastated at the results. Basically I have a 1cm indented scalpel scar from my... READ MORE

Scar removal on the head?

Hello, about a month ago I was hit over the head with a bottle. I received 8 staples to close up the cut. I was wondering if there is a way to remove... READ MORE

Can I get a scar removed by my lip? (Photos)

About a month and a half ago my son busted my upper lip open on accident. I received four stitches and took them out five days later as recommended. I... READ MORE

Can my scar be fixed?

I am 5 weeks post FTT with MR and Lipo. In the last 3 weeks or so my scar has moved up in the centre, it was just barely under my underwear line to... READ MORE

Cheek scar revision excision, healing properly? (Photos)

I had a burn scar on my cheek excised almost a month ago and it is currently depressed and still discolored. I know it takes awhile to remodel but I'm... READ MORE

Follow-Up: Scar revision on cheek a month ago and the line is very depressed. Is incision line healing properly? (photo)

Is this normal and will it flatten eventually? I am extremely anxious over this because this looks far worse than the original scar, please give me... READ MORE

4 weeks since scar revision and slight widening but main issue redness and surrounding scar too please advise? (photo)

Had scar revision.. surtures removed after 7 days was covered with steri strips another 7 days even after surtures removed.. tried vaseline... scar... READ MORE

I've Had a Hypertrophic Scar Removed by Surgery, but Bruising is Still Bright Pink After 4 Weeks?

Hi, after a breast biopsy, I ended up with a tiny hypertrophic scar. It didn't look good so my doctor tried a few things before cutting it out. The... READ MORE

Should my scar be itchy or have small abrasions on it a month after getting it removed?

Should my scare be ichy saw an have a small abrasions on it over a month after getting it removed? READ MORE

Chicken pox scar removed by suture method but looking more worse after 1 month. (Photo)

I had a cut and suture surgery 1 month ago. And I was told after the surgery I will be having a linear thin scar. But this mark has spread a bit seems... READ MORE

I has herpes zoster. It's been a month now. The crust fell off. But what is left are holes. Will they go away with time?

I did apply for medication very soon. So it's not much. It on the right side on my face. there are 5 holes in count. How do i get these holes to fill.... READ MORE

Is this normal after laser? (photo)

Hi I am 4 weeks post op after laser treatment for burn scar revision. I am really worried about the way it looks, it is still very sore and I think it... READ MORE

I had a scab on my nose about a month ago. It fell off in my sleep and left a black scar. How can I get rid of it?

For a week now I have been using 5 discoloration creams on the black spot and I just need to know will it go away. I need reassurance. Please let me... READ MORE

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