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How Long Does It Takes for Skin to Be Back to Normal After a Salicylic Acid Burn? (photo)

I just had a salicylic chemical peel for my acne. Its 2nd day now, and my face is burned in all the areas treated. The skin is getting dry, patchy and... READ MORE

Salicylic acid home care versus AHA: cell renewal. Any suggestions?

I know SA is oil soluble and most AHA are water soluble, except mandelic acid which is water and oil soluble. some use AHA not just for acne but... READ MORE

Accidental salicylic peel - should I worry? (Photo)

My beautician left and I had a new girl. To cut a long story short, instead of applying a nice moisturising facial she put salicylic acid peel lotion... READ MORE

Starting my first at home salicylic acid peel. Any suggestions?

I'm starting to-do it myself salicylic acid peel. I just have a few questions: What percentage should I buy? 10% or 20% salicylic acid? How should I... READ MORE

Sensitised red lumpy rash (?) post Hydropeptide Pumpkin Peel. (photos)

I had a light pumpkin peel the other day. Im not sure but the strength is about 25% and it is a combo of salycilic, pumpkin enzymes and lactic acid.... READ MORE

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